#HeresToTheWins || Coach Adrienne Rampaul

Welp. It happened.

The first few months of the New Year have come and gone. MARCH IS AROUND THE CORNER! I was inspired the other day by an amazing client. We’ll call her Lizzard. She mentioned something about a competition she has going and that she’s winning. After digging a little deeper, I learned what and who the heck she was talking about.

A little about Lizzard: She and her partner are working with one of our Coaches privately [personal training] with the goal for movement quality and quality of life. They are older clients who’d become sedentary… the comforts of life had just gotten the best of them – they’d become fragile.

Lizzard has achieved so much in her short time working with Coach Garland and is so proud of her accomplishments [earned!]. She can move. She’s motivated to move. She can do things she’s not done in years. She doesn’t hurt. She beams with pride in the fact that she’s ‘winning’ her competition.


Her former self.

Lizzard views her progress, training and goals in terms of competing with “Lizzard of 6 months ago” and “Lizzard of 2 weeks ago”. She PRs regularly and has daily wins.

What. A. Mentality.

As we get into the trenches of month 3 in 2015, with Spring + Summer teasing us just ahead and for many of us, competition season (hello CrossFit Open 2015), our New Year goals may seem to be off somewhere in the distance… or perhaps somewhere behind us (oops! left those in the dust back there somewhere…) perhaps adopting Lizzard’s mentality can help us get back on track and stay hungry. Regular PRs and daily wins are something that we could all use a dose of.

How are you doing compared to the 6-month old version of you? 2-week old version? 2-year old edition?!

Take some time to appreciate who you are today and what you have accomplished. It might be a breath of fresh air compared to that laser-beam focus you have on what you haven’t accomplished. How you are faring compared to another doesn’t pale in comparison to how you are doing compared to your former self. #HeresToTheWins

-Coach Ade