The Importance of a Youth Strength Program

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Time and time again we have all seen bad lifting habits in youth athletes, especially in a high school weight room. The consistency of these bad habits, most of the time, leads to an unneeded and avoidable injury. Therefore, it is imperative that we instill good habits having to do with form, posture, and technique from a young age. Here at Crossfit Austin we are implementing a youth strength program addressing these issues while also aiming to create a strong and explosive young athlete.

I was blessed to have started the sport of Olympic Weightlifting at age 10 with a great coach. I competed in the sport, while also used the movements to make me a better football player. My coach instilled in me, from the very start, the importance of good posture and using that to lift properly. When high school football rolled around, it was obvious the difference in my lifting habits versus most of the other players. This is where my passion of making athletes explosive, and them looking good doing it, developed. Now since I have left high school, that passion has only increased. I am very thankful for this opportunity at Crossfit Austin to pass on to today’s youth, what my coach instilled in me.

In our program, our youth athletes will properly learn how to do the Olympic lifts while also doing other strength exercises to make them strong and explosive for their respective sport. We will focus on getting explosive through the hips and having a strong core. This will all serve as a proper base for when they reach high school athletics. Whether they are a basketball, volleyball, or softball player, etc., they will encounter exercises such as the power clean, squat, and bench. We want to send them into that setting with the proper knowledge and mechanics of those movements to best be utilized for their sport. Most importantly, we are going to have fun doing it!

The goal is to create good lifting habits, be explosive and strong, and ultimately help our young athletes succeed and have fun. Here at Crossfit Austin, we all share this passion, we are committed to it, and we want to invite y’all to share this lifestyle with us!

-Coach Dylan