July Athlete of the Month || Perry Stallings!

Each month we spotlight a different CFA athlete who stands out and shows just how awesome they are. What is it that makes up an Athlete of the Month? It may not be the person that finishes the fastest, Rx’s every WOD, or gets a PR every time they walk in the gym. Although we love and celebrate when those things happen, the Athlete of the Month is made up of much more than physical ability. This person shows up, gives their best every time, and then gives a little more. They are hungry to learn and always ready to do the work. They support their fellow classmates and encourage them to reach their goals. This athlete embodies what we believe the CrossFit Austin Community should be about.

Our July Athlete of the Month is Perry Stallings! Perry joined CFA in November of 2020 after returning to Texas from the Bay Area. Instead of heading back to Dallas or San Antonio where he and his wife grew up, respectively, they settled on something in the middle, and we’re so glad they did! Other than being one of the 7:30am regulars, Perry’s probably best known to new classmates as The Dancing Guy (oh yes, he gets DOWN, seriously) or the one who’s saying what they’re all thinking (“Whyyy?!?!”), but to his coaches and fellow regulars, he’s also incredibly intentional, consistent, and committed to good-quality movement in everything he does. He’s known to be in the gym up to an hour before class to warm up and complete any accessory or PT homework he’s been assigned!

We’ve loved being part of his journey at CFA and celebrating his wins along the way. Perry, we are honored to have you as our July Athlete of the Month and as an awesome part of this team. Thanks for all your hard work and we look forward to seeing all you accomplish in the years to come! Congratulations!


State your Name and/or Nickname please:


Words to live by?

Move fast and learn faster

What is your fitness background?

I grew up dancing

How long have you been CrossFitting?

9 years. (6 consistently)

Take us back to your first day of CrossFit… How did you feel? How do you compare it to workouts today?

Honestly, I don’t remember my first day. I feel a lot more consistent and stronger

What’s your favorite part of CrossFit Austin?

I really like the coach for life concept and how it drives accountability and consistency 

Current Training Goals/PRs?

Recently got a heavier squat clean than my power clean

Getting a heavier squat snatch than power snatch.

What advice do you have for folks just starting out in CrossFit?

Keep going. It doesn’t get better, you just start sucking less.

How do you balance staying focused in your training when life gets busy?

I built fitness into my routine. It’s the start of my day.

What is your cheat meal go-to?

Chocolate, it’s not a meal but it’s how I cheat.

How do you use your fitness outside of the gym?

Swing dancing and hauling merchandise at anime conventions 

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your fitness journey?

Scheduling. I used to be a night owl and love the noon class, but life got in the way.

Tell us about a moment you felt most proud of yourself during a workout.

Mostly when I hit strength goals

Hitting 225 on the clean

If you could create a WOD and name it for yourself, what would it be? 

Dream Work

Full class workout for Time

5,000 lb cleans per person (1,250 lb minimum)

1600m run per person (400m minimum)

2 minute dance break

5,000 lb snatch per person (1,250lb minimum)

2000m row

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?


Video games

Board games

Dungeons and Dragons

Building a business with my wife

Tell us something we don’t know about you…

I was part of a state champion highschool wrestling team.

Leave the fine folks of CrossFit Austin with some parting words…

Work smart, play hard, Don’t die