June Athlete of the Month || Michael Surges!

Each month we spotlight a different CFA athlete who stands out and shows just how awesome they are. What is it that makes up an Athlete of the Month? It may not be the person that finishes the fastest, Rx’s every WOD, or gets a PR every time they walk in the gym. Although we love and celebrate when those things happen, the Athlete of the Month is made up of much more than physical ability. This person shows up, gives their best every time, and then gives a little more. They are hungry to learn and always ready to do the work. They support their fellow classmates and encourage them to reach their goals. This athlete embodies what we believe the CrossFit Austin Community should be about.

Our June Athlete of the Month is Michael Surges! Michael wrapped up his Fundamentals sessions at the end of July 2018 and dove head first into classes. His fun personality and his determination to finish strong has kept him on the growth track from day one.  Mikey is another member of the  “coffee crew” at 7:30 am (that class is killing it!) Michael has made some serious changes in his life since starting his training here. It all comes from his focus and his dedication to putting in the extra work. He understands the importance of a solid foundation and is quickly building his fitness empire to tackle the competition side of things. Michael exemplifies so many of the qualities we look for in an AOM and has truly become a pillar of the community. Michael, the CFA Team is proud to honor you as our June Athlete of the Month and as an awesome part of this community. Thanks for your all your hard work and we look forward to seeing all you accomplish in the years to come! Congratulations!

State your Name and/or Nickname please:
Michael Surges, Mikey

Words to live by?
Comparison is the thief of joy.

What is your fitness background?
I started racing BMX at 4 and got into serious competitions around the age of 8-14. During this time I also played baseball, wrestled, and played football. Once I got into high school I stuck with football and wrestling, and eventually went on to play football in college for a couple years. I’ve always loved the off season and the training that goes into performing at a high-level.

How long have you been CrossFitting?
I think June or July will be my one year anniversary.

Take us back to your first day of CrossFit… How did you feel? How do you compare it to workouts today?
I GOT SO NERVOUS! like butterflies and nausea nervous. There were so many things I had in my head that I thought I couldn’t possibly do. Now, I still get nervous as all hell, but I try my absolute hardest to not compete with anyone and just do my best.

What’s your favorite part of CrossFit Austin?
EVERYTHING!! are you kidding me!? It’s soo much fun. I love working with the coffee crew and seeing the same faces every morning. We all build each other up and cheer each other on for PR’s and finishing strong.They put up with me, I love them. It’s hard to not be inspired by the people I get to train with every day.

Current Training Goals/PRs?
I want to qualify for a competition. I don’t know where, at what level, or when, I just know I’m going to qualify for a competition.

What advice do you have for folks just starting out in CrossFit?
Dive in. Drink the kool aid, and make an effort to be coachable. I know it had been a while since I’ve had a coach, but it’s a worthwhile adjustment to make.

What is your cheat meal go to?
Twix, coca-cola, and frozen pizza. I’m not even kidding.

How do you use your fitness outside of the gym?
Well,I carry all the groceries up in one trip and I move kegs around a lot at work. I wish I could say hiking or something cool, but I’m too scared of snakes.

Tell us about a moment you felt most proud of yourself during a workout.
Just being able to breathe during the wods since the clots. I had a year of really restricted activities when I was first diagnosed and felt like I lost everything physically. It was a great feeling to surpass where i was before I got sick.

If you could create a WOD and name it for yourself, what would it be?
‘Dorthy’ 95# bar
100m run
10 bar facing burpees
15 OHS
200m run
10 bar facing burpees
15 OHS
300m run
10 bar facing burpees
15 OHS
400m run
10 bar facing burpees
15 OHS

What keeps you going on the days you don’t feel like it?
Training is my absolutely favorite thing to do, i’m usually pretty hungry to get back into the gym. Being far away from my goals really keeps me motivated to keep at it.

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?
I love watching stand up comedy, listening to music, and playing video games. I don’t know if it’s a talent worth having, but i can make a damn good cocktail.

Tell us something we don’t know about you…
I’m deaf in one ear. It’s loud at the gym and i promise if you think i’m ignoring you, i’m not. I was born completely deaf in my right ear, and I can’t hear shit!

Leave the fine folks of CrossFit Austin with some parting words…
I would just like to say thank you to everyone i’ve met over the past year. I’m constantly inspired by y’all and i appreciate y’all letting me be apart of this big family. I’m excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for us.