Logistics for 15.5


Not much by way of logistics this week folks. Just like last week(s).

  1. Sign up for class
  2. Show up on time or early
  3. We will run 2-3 groups depending on how many folks sign up for each class.
  4. We will warm-up as a group in class
  5. Don’t forget we will be cooking burgers afterward and playing 3 on 3 basketball! {Details}


Finally I’d I just want everyone to know that I’m incredibly proud of you for attacking the Open this year. There have been many firsts and so many of you have taken a step outside your comfort zone achieving things you never thought possible. So be proud of all that’s been accomplished these last 5 weeks, and celebrate those accomplishments!

Above all else, constant and relentless effort moves us forward and I’ve seen so much of that effort these last 5 weeks. Thanks to all of you for inspiring and pushing me and everyone around you to be better!

Yay Thrusters!

– Coach Wes