Movement of the Week || Chest To Bar Pull Ups

Push-up women and men! This week, we’re back with another series of movement videos to help you prep for the Open. This time around, it’s Chest To Bar Pull Ups. These are a tough challenge for athletes new and old, alike. Be sure to practice these movements and you’ll be sure to see improvements! #crossfitopen2016 #crossfit #CTB #C2B #pullups #strict #negatives #intheopen #gymnasty #gymnastics Strict Strength – Scap Pull-ups Begin the movement with shoulders and arms completely locked out and maintain a hollow body position with the glutes and core.  Pull the scaps down and back and do not bend the elbows, then relax your shoulders to return back down into a fully extended position. The goal is to develop the ability to perform 3 sets of 12-15 perfect, controlled reps. – Passive Range Lift off In prone position (face down): while trying to maintain a neutral cervical spine lift your hands (or PVC) off of the ground with focus on squeezing your shoulder blades down and together toward the mid spine. As control improves, you can continue to increase the range by elevating your starting position. Again, purpose is for control of the range, so we are not just slinging are hands up behind us. – Banded Face Pull This is an auxiliary exercise that develops and strengthens the rhomboids, external rotators, and rear delts. Strengthening this group of muscles will help athletes develop a full and proper “finish” of pulling the chest all the way to the bar with retracted scaps. In doing so the face pull helps to prevent athletes from rolling the shoulders to the bar during the “finish”. This exercise can be performed daily, goal is to accumulate 20-40 reps in a row. – Horizontal CTB Pull-ups Focus on maintaining a tight “arch” position by staying fully engaged in the glutes and core. Only raise the feet to a level that allows perfect pulling mechanics, do not try to reach the chest to bar position by rolling the head and shoulders forward to the bar. Goal is to develop the ability to perform 5 perfect controlled reps for 5 sets. – Negatives Jump your chest to the bar and hold the chest to the bar for 2 seconds. Then, slowly lower from the bar for 5 seconds.

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