Night Of Champions VI || Bar Wars – WODs Announced!

Going for that 200m like…

Teams of 2 – Male/Female teams – Our FIRST CO-ED NOC!
Rx & Scaled Divisions available!
Night of Champions will consist of 2 WODs
WOD 1 – A Lifting Event
WOD 2 – A Partner WOD
6:30 pm – Athlete Check-In
6:45 pm – Athlete & Judge Briefing
7:00 pm – WOD 1 Start Time

$50 per Team (includes registration for both team mates) Only 15 spots available!

(Only 1 registration per team – We’ll send an email to get division and partner name)

***Proceeds from Night of Champions will go toward new equipment for the gym!***


Max overhead squat (front squat for scaled)

The combined total of both athletes’ top lift will determine your score.

We will be running platforms with an ascending barbell.

*Opening weights for each lifter, for each lift must be submitted by Wednesday 5/2* 

– The lifter will lift within the first :30 of every minute
– The weight will move up in the second :30 of every minute.
– Minimum increase is 2 lbs.
– Each person will have 3 attempts.
– Weight will be changed as a group on each platform

This event will be scored by calculating the combined weights of each athlete’s max lift

WOD 2 –

12:00 AMRAP

8 hang power cleans (per athlete) @ 95/65 increasing 10 lb each round (scaled starts at 75/45 + 10 lb each round)

16 total TTB (hanging knee raises) one person hangs one person works (at least 1 rep for each person)

60 m reverse tire drag (30 m per person) 60lb (40lb scaled)

200 m run together



The workout begins with 8 Hang Power Cleans per athlete. There will be a male and female bar for each team. Only one person will work at a time until each athlete has completed 8 reps. Each time the athletes return to the bar, 10 pounds will be added to each bar.

Once the athletes have completed their hang power cleans, they will move on to toes to bar (or hanging knee raises). 16 reps per team. Each athlete must do at least one rep, but otherwise reps may be divided as the athletes see fit. Only one athlete will work at a time while the other athlete hangs from the bar. If one athlete drops from the bar, both athletes must drop.

Following the toes to bar, both athletes will move to the reverse tire drag. Both athletes will share the same weight in their tire. One athlete will drag the tire down 30 m and the other athlete will return it 30 m.

As soon as the tire has been returned, both athletes will run together for a 200 m run.

This sequence will be repeated for a duration of 12 minutes. Total reps will determine your score.