Night Of Champions || WOD ANNOUNCEMENT


We are 5 short days from our Night of Champions competition! As promised, below are the WODs we’ll see this Friday with Rx and Scaled weights listed below. Get yourself a partner and get registered! Remember, only 1 team member must register through the online system ($50 per team). We’ll email you to get your partner’s name and which division you’ll be competing in.


Event 1

Max Deadlift

Each team member will find a max deadlift.  Teams will be grouped on bars together by announced opening weights and each bar will move up in weight every minute. Teammates best lifts will be added together to give the team a score.

Event 2

1200 M Run
50 Burpee Box Jump / Step-up
40 Hang Cleans
15:00 Cap

M: 24” box, 165 lb barbell
W: 20” box, 105 lb barbell

M: 20” box, 115 lb barbell
W: 12” box, 75 lb barbell

Athletes will run a total of 1200 meters between them. This can be split into an 800 and a a 400 or two even 600s. The athletes will then proceed to the burpee box jump / step ups where the reps can be split anyway they see fit. Athletes may jump or step onto the box at their own discretion. Teams will then move to the hang cleans where they may split the reps however they see fit. Hang cleans must start between the knee and the hip and can be received in muscle, power, squat or split position.

*15:00 Time Cap