The Open Season || Coach Tim Garland


Howdy CFA! As I write this, the weather is changing….and so is our ‘season’ in the gym. Having some general ‘themes’ or ‘seasons’ throughout the year helps keep things interesting while preserving the primary stimulus of building better humans. The past several months have been focused on building a solid foundation with lots of barbell work. While we won’t be putting up the barbells, those of you who are consistent with 3-5 days a week training might notice a subtle shift in focus. The shifts in the programming will be hard to notice for the average member. They are ‘shades of grey’ instead of ‘black and white’. We still want to preserve the main goal of getting people generally fit for life, but we don’t want people to be forced into a regimen that isn’t aligned with their goals.


So…stepping out of our ‘Barbell’ season and into our ‘Open’ season, what can we expect? Here are some highlights of our ‘Open’ season:

-Focus on barbell lifts that will likely play an important role in the Open

-Increase in skill work for movements that are common the the Open

-Metcons will include more volume, as well as develop volume in higher skill movements

-More frequent posts of previous Open workouts


During this season, you’ll also have a few opportunities to work on some of these skills in a setting devoted only to certain movements. The first of which is this Friday from 6:30-8p, where Coach David Henderson will be working with us on a few of these high skill movements. (REGISTER HERE) We will sprinkle in a few extra ‘skills’ classes here and there on Saturday afternoons and Tuesday or Thursday evenings…so be on the lookout for those dates and what movements will be covered during each class!


I’d like to make a few reminders as we progress our way into this season. An increase in volume also needs to be matched and accompanied by a few things outside of class. A focus on recovery should always be present, but if you increase workload….make sure you’re getting all the goodies that will help you achieve your goals. Having an appropriate intake of nutrients is preached, understood and practiced by many. If you are unsure of the best route on the nutrition path for you, talk with a coach. Also, starting in January, Coach Ben will put his Nutrition degree into practice and will be doing nutritional consults to help you step your game up! You can set-up a consult with him via email at  Another component you’ll need to stay on top of is your SLEEP! People are beginning to catch on, but in this fast-paced, I need to accomplish everything today world that we live in…many are foregoing this wonderful aid in recovery.

In our New Year Whole Life Challenge, we’ll be addressing and setting goals for these things as well. You can join our team HERE!

-Coach Tim