Prehab/Rehab for The Hip || Coach Mark

Our hips play a huge role in our ability to move effectively and efficiently, especially with bigger/gross movements. If you think about it, most of our power and drive from the movements we perform stem from the hips. Therefore, if we’re dealing with any restrictions, they should be dealt with asap! To break it down into 4 steps, we should address: 


1) Mobility – moving the joint through its range of motion

2) Foam roll – glutes, quads, IT band, adductors (inside part of the legs)

3) Stretch – into end range positions

4) Posterior-chain activation – to lock in and secure our new found range of motion


Below, I’ve listed and described a few movements for mobility and stretching that may help with stiffness and/or restrictions. Again, after performing these movements it’s always best to lock in your new range of motion with posterior chain activation exercises like squats or deadlifts. As always, stay swole and flexy!



  • 10 hip rotations (CARs – controlled articular rotations)


    • Slower is better here
    • Begin on your hands and knees. Place your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips
    • Raise your knee out to the side, reaching as far as you can, while not allowing too much rotation to occur at the pelvis (pause there for a second or two)
    • Slowly begin to kick behind you, ending with a leg outstretched behind you
    • Repeat


  • 30 sec per side pigeon stretch


    • With the right leg in front and the left behind you, rest your front/right leg in a 90 degree position on the floor
    • Slide your left leg back and point your toes, your heel is pointing up to the ceiling
    • Scissor your hips together, by drawing your legs in towards each other
    • Focus on erecting the spine by opening your chest
    • If you are able, walk your hands forward and lean forward for a deeper stretch
    • Hold for 30-45 seconds or as tolerated



  • 10 per side half kneeling hip flexor stretch


    • Starting in a lunge position, rotate/scoop the hips in an upward motion (posterior pelvic tilt)
    • A stretch should be felt on the front side of the hips (hip flexors)
    • Hold the end range position for 30-45 seconds, shooting for at least 3 sets