Spring Cleaning: All Cleaned Up!

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in our Spring Cleaning Competition last weekend! We were able to raise $500 for Linzi Newth’s new non-profit, GingerCare Pets. GingerCare specializes in matching homeless pets with the elderly in a mutually beneficial relationship that allows for stimulation and companionship amongst both, all while providing the necessary medical care for the pet. This is to include regular visits by a veterinarian or technician whom helps to assist and educate the client in caring for their pet. When the client can no longer properly care for the animal, GingerCare aids in the intake process in order to prepare the pet for a new home.

Congratulations to CFA’s own who competed: 

Leah Alter
Beverly Lopez
Ashley Coraci
Isaiah Rosario
Shelby Clark
Austin Coover
Stephen Crockett
Dan Morice

And thank you to all of the competitors from other gyms who came out for the event!

Thank you to all of our volunteers:

Ade Rampaul
Daniel Avneri
Danny Gomez
Erica Cuellar
Jamie Kimball
Jodi Vaughn
Lee Perry
Lindsay Gale
Linzi Newth
Leigh LeGare
Mark Grande
Mitch Tabera
Monique Clements
Seth Rosen
Shanda Evans
Tim Garland
Walker Palicek
Wes Kimball

*Please forgive me if I’ve forgotten anyone!

Thank you to our Sponsors and those who donated prizes:
Fringe Sport
Cyclone Speed Ropes
Reebok Outlet
Kong Screen Printing

And finally a huge thank you to everyone who came out to cheer and support!

We will continue to donate the proceeds from Spring Cleaning t-shirts to GingerCare. We still have several in stock so come grab one and make a contribution to an awesome cause!

Congratulations to Linzi Newth for all of her hard work! This is what community is all about. 

-The CFA Team