Strength + Beauty Athlete Profile

The CrossFit Austin Strength + Beauty Challenge starts up again January 13th, 2013! Past sessions have led to some amazing results, some of which we just have to share with you! This week’s athlete is Aubrey Putney.

Aubrey’s Results
Over the course of the 4-week Challenge, Aubrey…

  • Lost 4 pounds
  • Lost 9.5 inches total
  • Lost 4.3% body fat

About Aubrey
“Aubrey was such and integral part of the September group and I can truly say that it would not have been the same without her. She is leader, beautiful, always uplifting, positive, and motivating! She a strong, positive role model to those around her well as all mothers/soon to be mothers.” –
Coach Alex Janss

A word from Aubrey
“I didn’t sign up for S + B to lose weight, I signed up to hold myself accountable to a Paleo diet and regular exercise. After having a baby, I was struggling with finding time to fit it all in – work, play with my baby, workout, have “me” time, enjoy time with my husband, etc. Working out and eating right were the first things to go, so when the Strength and Beauty program began, I knew I had to get on board and get some accountability in these areas.

Guess what…I was able to do it all! Workout, work, and have better quality time with Lilah and Boone.

When you eat healthy, and exercise, your body naturally becomes more efficient. My emotions were more stable, I could focus better, and my attitude was more positive. I didn’t have more time in the day, but the way I used my time was more effective. If you think you don’t have time to workout and eat healthy, think again.

Thank you so much to Alex for hosting this program at CrossFit Austin. It is a HUGE motivator to be surrounded by such strong, beautiful women!” – Aubrey Putney

Learn more about the Strength + Beauty Challenge.

Registration for the January-February Session opens January 2nd
and the Challenge will run from 01/13/13 – 02/10/13.