Strength + Beauty Athlete Profile

The CrossFit Austin Strength + Beauty Challenge starts up again January 13th, 2013! Past sessions have led to some amazing results, some of which we just have to share with you! This week’s athlete is Julie “Crash” Shamblin.

Crash’s Results
Over the course of the 4-week Challenge, Crash…

  • Lost 13.8 pounds
  • Lost 20.5 inches total
  • Lost 5.4% body fat

About Crash
I am so proud of Julie (aka Crash)! From Day 1, she was prepared and ready for the challenge. Throughout the challenge, she began to find a stronger meaning to all the nutrition, workouts, group meetings etc… that, beyond aesthetics, this is about something deeper. There is a strength and beauty that is in all of us and it is powerful when found. Crash radiates from her core outwards and affects everyone around her. She is an inspiration and a role model. I am so excited to see what this girl will achieve in the future. She never ceases to amaze me. – Coach Alex

A word from Crash

Day 5“I can’t believe how fast my body is responding to the changes I’ve made. I feel awesome! I honestly have no cravings right now, other than wanting a glass of red wine last night. Like I said the other day, I think I was so ready mentally and physically to do this challenge, my body and mind are already thanking me!”
Day 11“I have noticed that my new-found positive energy is spreading throughout every part of my life, not just my nutrition and fitness. Procrastination used to be my middle name, but instead of trying to think of excuses to delay tasks, now I just do them and move on. I knew I would improve my physical health with this challenge, but it’s also doing amazing things for my mental and emotional health.”
Day 12“I feel ridiculously good.” 
Day 16“Felt fantastic today. My sleep quality has improved a lot since starting S+B.”

The above statements are direct quotes from my Strength & Beauty log when I did the program in October. They speak for themselves and to the overall improvements I made. I have done challenges before, but I never had as much success as I did doing Strength & Beauty. The weight I lost does not compare to the amount of strength gained and confidence restored. I made a personal decision to do the entire S&B challenge with zero cheats so I had nothing to think about, nothing to consider, nothing to agonize over – just eat right, exercise, sleep, and drink plenty of water. My motto became “This is not hard”. I even used it as a cadence when running 400m laps around the building. There are plenty of things in life that are hard, but clean eating and exercising are not. It is a privilege to take care of my own body, the only one I’ll ever have.

Alex is a compassionate, sweet soul, and I greatly enjoyed her guidance and leadership in this program. Her encouragement and feedback, as well as being surrounded by a group of dedicated women, helped motivate me each week. All I can really say is if you are thinking about doing S&B, stop. Don’t think about it for another second. Sign up and do it. It’ll be better than any gift you got from under a tree. 😉

Learn more about the Strength + Beauty Challenge.

Registration for the January-February Session opens January 2nd
and the Challenge will run from 01/13/13 – 02/10/13.