Strength is… || The Prep at CrossFit Austin || July 6

Strength is…

Strength is more than being able to lift the most weight. It is more than being able to do any number pull-ups or push-ups. Strength is more than being the first to finish the workout.

Strength is being able to make it up the stairs with your groceries. Strength is being able to carry your own bag through the airport. Strength is keeping up with your kids, grandkids, dog, siblings, friends, whomever. Strength is giving it a try even if you might fail. Strength is setting goals and continuously working toward them, even when they seem impossible.

What is your strength? Let us help you find it.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” -Mahatma Gandhi

The Prep at CrossFit Austin || July 6

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july prep

“The Prep” is designed to introduce new clients to the fundamentals and essential movements often seen in our group classes. The Prep is a course that teaches proper movement, recovery, mobility strategies, and a crash course on nutrition & lifestyle. This beginners program ultimately gives our clients the tools to make their time at CrossFit Austin life changing. We’re not just movers and shakers at CrossFit Austin – we’re thinkers, too. Producing athletes that train smart, work hard and also know their stuff is what we’re all about.

July 6 – July 31

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 5:30 am
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 6:30 pm

Group Prep: $200
Private Prep: $300