Stress Eating || Coach Ben Wells

Hello fellow foodies,

As I write this post, I’m contemplating life and all it has to offer and in my hand I have a hard apple cider to help me hopefully sound intelligent when I’m typing this up. When I think deeper

into why I have this drink I look at two different scenarios in my head.

  1. A) This is freaking delicious and I DESERVE THIS DRINK!


  1. B) I need to be eating 200 grams of carbohydrates every day and I am not even close and it is past my bedtime so liquid calories it is.

How many of us would have chosen A? Why did we choose A? Is life giving a whole bunch of lemons? Maybe we need to look at what we have going on in our lives and assess our stresses and plan accordingly especially when it comes to our meals and what we are using as our fuel.

Eating just to eat is not the way to achieve our goals. We need to eat to feed the machine.

A car of any sort, I was going to use the normal Ferrari/Lamborghini/fast sports car analogy but we’ve heard that too many times, has very specific needs to run correctly, get you the best gas mileage or not get a flat tire on the way to work. We might be able to get by without filling up the tires but when you need them most you are on the side of the road.

Our bodies are the exact same. So treat it right.

Life happens. We all know that but don’t make up an excuse to eat a whole carton of ice cream or the whole large pizza.

Treat yourself, but in moderation. Longevity is the goal. We want to live as long as possible and to keep doing what we love. We need healthy habits to keep that going though.

So put down that spoon and grab yourself a fork instead and binge out on some salad with some color in it. I’ll take your spoon.

Keep killing it,

-Coach Ben