Strict Muscle-Ups with Coach David Henderson


In today’s video CFA Gymnastics expert David Henderson Jr. and CFA 2016 Regional Competitor Stacey Magnesio work on the attributes needed to master the strict muscle-up.

Phases of a Strict Muscle-ups

1. “The Support”  the stronger the support the easier it is to get to the top of the rings. Focus on squeezing the

the body as one piece while stretching the head to the ceiling and the feet towards the ground. Maintain the rings in a parallel position.

2. “The False Grip” hook the knobby bony part of the wrist at the bottom of the rings.  Athlete’s must be able to maintain this grip hanging with a fully extended elbow. The most common mistake is to “choke up” to much on the rings  causes the athlete to push away from the support position during the transition.

3. “Pulling phase” maintain the rings in a parallel position and keep them as close to the center line of your body as possible, pulling as high as possible.

4. “Transition phase” maintain rings as close to the body’s center line as possible while continue to move upward.  Must maintain continuous upward movement during the transition.

Tips for improving or achieving a strict Muscle up.

1. Develop a picture perfect support position at the top of the rings.

2. Strengthen your wrists in the false grip so you can comfortably hang from the rings with a proper false grip.

3. Use negatives to train the transition phase of the strict muscle-up and improve your ability to keep the rings close to your centerline.