Team CrossFit Austin – The Whole Life Challenge


You + Whole Life Challenge = Team CrossFit Austin

Challenge = Change // Goals = Gains

{What is it?}

While everyone wants to look and feel better, it can be a challenge to know how or where to start. The Whole Life Challenge focuses you on the key areas of your life that produce real, life long changes. Playing together with your friends and family in a fun and motivating daily game, you’ll create new healthy habits that last long after it ends.

The Whole Life Challenge focuses on 7 daily habits that you will learn and create for yourself as you journey through.

  • Eat by the WLC rules you choose at {the level that is right for you}. Make conscious choices that support your vision for a healthy lifestyle. Earn up to 5 points daily for nutrition.

  • Exercise for at least 10 minutes each day. We recommend 3-5 “workouts” each week. The other days you’ll earn your points by being active. Ride your bike, surf, hike, even take an invigorating walk at sunset. This is your time to move daily. You earn 2 points for exercise.

  • Stretch for at least 10 minutes each day. You earn 2 points for stretching.

  • Water One third of your body weight in oz. of water each day (20 ml per kg). You earn 1 point for water.

  • Supplement with a dietary supplement that would make a difference for your body if you took it every day. You earn one point for your supplement.

  • Live the {WLC weekly lifestyle practice} – things like sleep, meditate, & supporting others. You earn 1 point each day you complete the weekly lifestyle task.

  • Reflect at the end of each day and check in with how it went and how you’re doing. No amount of numbers can paint the whole picture. Your daily reflection helps you see how the challenge is really going. You earn 1 point daily for your reflection.

{How Do I Play?}

The {Challenge} begins with taking your preliminary measurements and completing a scalable workout that will be repeated at the end.

Throughout the 56 day challenge you will post your scores in the 7 categories listed above. The Challenge is designed in a way that we can work as a team to check in with and support each other on a daily basis. CrossFit Austin, in addition to programming, will also be hosting weekly Saturday Educational and Support Seminars to help you along the way. Our {Coaches} are participating on different levels and will be able to help you out as well!

To close out the Whole Life Challenge, you will repeat the preliminary measurements and workout to gauge how far you’ve come! But, it doesn’t end there! The Whole Life Challenge is designed to help you make healthy lifestyle changes that last.

{How Do I Register?}

You can register through the Whole Life Challenge {website}. Once you have registered, you can join Team CrossFit Austin (under the “My Profile” tab) to participate with the community!

Registration from now until December 31, 2014 is only $39.
Registration from January 1, 2015 forward is $49.

Saturday Seminar Dates [times TBA] January 17, 24, 31
February 7, 14, 21, 28,
March 7
March 14th – Challenge Close Celebration BBQ