The Circle of Awesomeness Southern Do and Manly Mustache Contest!

Our first bonus prize contest is all about lookin good! The contest begins this week, and will end on the final Saturday (March 12th) of challenge.

For the Gentleman you have just under two months to do your best Tom Selleck impersonations. Although the mustache is the most revered of the facial hair arts,  beards, goatees, handlebars, fu manchus, or any other type of face fur will be accepted. The males in this contest will be judged on manliness and creativity.

For the ladies you also have  just under two month to devise, and construct the most epic southern do ever seen in South Austin.  The judging will take place on Saturday March 12th, and just like the gentleman you will be judged on creativity, and extravagance. Something that would make Dolly Parton proud!

Prizes: CFA Track Jacket, CFA T-Shirt of your choice, and a foam roller!