Upcoming Base Training Phase


Hopefully everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday laying on the coaching and watching the Masters! First off congrats to everyone for a great showing during test week, not only was there quite a few PRs, but just an overall great vibe in the gym.  Now that we’ve successfully completed test week I’m here to give you some insight on what to expect the next 3 weeks. 

Once again a quick review on how we run our training cycles:

Week 1: Test Week
Week 2-7: Training
Week 8: Retest Week
Week’s 9 & 10: Transition weeks

Tomorrow we start our training period which we’ll break into to two phases:

3 week Base Phase
3 week Peak Phase

In the base phase my goals are:

  • Increase proficiency in Olympic lifts
  • Improve overall strength
  • Improve isometric and eccentric control in gymnastic movements

Our Schedule will breakdown in the following way

Monday – Olympic Lifting, lower body strength, and shorter heavier conditioning work

Tuesday – Gymnastics, upper body strength, and moderate weight length conditioning

Wednesday – Olympic Lifting, lower body strength, and posterior chain work

Thursday – Gymnastics, upper body strength, and moderate weight length conditioning

Friday – Lighter weight longer conditioning work

Saturday – Team Workouts, and muscle up skill work

My schedule recommendation is plan to train Monday through Thursday and pick either Friday or Saturday as a rest day. This schedule will allow for balanced development, and give you the full scope of the program.

Finally during the base phase our priority will be on becoming more proficient in movements and physical qualities. My challenge to all our athletes is to commit yourselves to moving well and to be precise in the skills that we are trying to develop. Prioritize your efficiency of movement over the weight on the bar or time on the clock. We’ll have plenty of time to compete during our peak phase and retest week.