Welcome || Coach Eric Jones!

We are very excited to introduce you to a good, long time friend of mine, Eric Jones! I met Eric back when I first started CrossFit in2011. Actually, Eric is the one who taught me how to do kettlebell swings (among other things I’m sure)! We later coached together for a while, but between his military career and my…. well…. life… we’ve come and gone in each others lives over the years. We have always stayed in touch and kept up online, but any chance we got to connect, we basically annoyed everyone else by talking about the fitness industry. 🤷‍♀️


Anyway, Eric is making his transition out of the Air Force through a really cool program called SkillBridge. Basically, as a part of his transition out of the military, he’ll be doing an internship/residency with us as he transitions back into civilian life. We are really excited to have him come hang out with us for a couple of months and to be a stepping stone for him with this program.


Some of you may have already met him at some point. He’s popped in a few times over the years, but in an effort to give you guys a chance to get to know him a bit before he gets here, I asked him to write a bio.


Eric Jones || Trainer

About Eric:  Eric is returning to fitness full time after a twelve year career in the Air Force. Prior to his time on active duty he was afull time personal trainer for the Sports and Rec department of The Ohio State University and fitness coach for CrossFit Columbus. That affiliate would be one of the first 100 in the world and would later be known by the more well known name Rogue Fitness. Eric would go on to compete for the Rogue team in the 2008 CrossFit Games in Aromas, California.  He then left Ohio to fly the C-130J Hercules aircraft in Arkansas and three deployments to Afghanistan. Since then, he’s been living in Texas teaching undergraduate and instructor candidates in the T-1A Jayhawk and T-6A/B Texan II trainers. All this time Eric has kept his fitness instructor proficiency by training with the nearest functional fitness gym to include acting as head coach for CrossFit Del Rio. Eric will be separating from active duty in November and will be training at CFA under a transitional internship program known as Skillbridge.  

BS in Exercise Science – The Ohio State University
CrossFit Level 2
USAW Level 1 Sports Performance 



CrossFit Barbell
CrossFit Endurance
American Kettlebell Club Coach



A message from Eric:  I played many sports through my youth and high school and somehow always knew I had a different approach to practice.  I was better at the training than the actual sport! That and an interest in training for “military” fitness without having to run led me to CrossFit in the early days of 2006. I’ve seen many fitness trends come and go in that time but I’ve also seen how the basics don’t change. They have yet to fail me even as I have gotten older. I am really looking forward to helping clients of all kinds meet their goals and exceed their expectations.     

Lift hard, eat well, and have fun!