Welcome Coach Jesse Ruiz!

We are excited to welcome Coach Jesse Ruiz for our first of many 6-week courses that are meant to get us our of our regular pattern, experience new ways of moving, and bring added value to the work we do here day in and day out!

Beginning on Sunday, May 13 Jesse will lead us in a 6 week Endurance course twice a week. Classes will take place on Sundays at 6:00 pm and Thursdays and 7:00 pm. Don’t miss out on this opportunity folks!

About Jesse:
Jesse began his formal education at Texas State University, where he received a degree in Exercise and Sports Science while working with the Sports Club teams there.  After training the Men’s and Women’s Rugby teams, along with the Women’s soccer club teams, he came to realize his passion for sports could be extended into the fitness realm.  He then came to Crossfit in 2010, at Crossfit San Marcos.
Being a life long fitness enthusiast, he was quickly drawn to the endurance aspect of the sport and despite making vast improvements,  quickly realized how restricted certain parts of his body were and stumbled onto Kelly Starrett’s Supple Leopard book and his love affair with all aspects of mobility training began.  Jesse has spent the past 7 years studying, investigating, and experimenting the many ways to decrease pain in the body, while increasing strength through range of motion.
Having experienced 2 major sports injuries himself (paralyzed from the neck down and a torn ACL/medial meniscus), the importance of quality and  pain free movement has become a part of his fitness fabric.
He currently  holds a CrossFit Olympic lifting certification, which was taught by the great Coach Mike Burgener.  In addition, he is a Primary Movement Specialist with Primal7, completed a Level 1 Coaching Certification with Atomic Athlete, as well as having interned at GRIT Strength and Conditioning gym.  Jesse has spent the last 7 years studying movement patterns and infusing that training into both his and his clients training. He’s an avid trail and trail relay runner, has competed in the AFMFITTEST the past 3 years, as well as running numerous ½ marathons, 10k’s, and trail runs around the great State.
A Word From Jesse: 
As a Kstar disciple,  I’ve spent the past 7 years studying, investigating, and experimenting the many ways to decrease pain in the body, while increasing strength and endurance through range of motion.  I’ve also competed in a wide range of road and trail races. I believe that this industry chose me and that journey began in middle school, as I suffered a pinched nerve in my neck, while playing football and was temporarily paralyzed from the neck down.  I believe that we possess the innate ability to maintain our bodies and to live, move, and breathe pain free, both in a physical, mental, and spiritual state.
While at Texas State, I was able to coach both collegiate club soccer and rugby players and quickly realized my passion for coaching others.   In 2011, I discovered the sport of Crossfit and my journey into the fitness and coaching industry began.  I’m honored to share my passion for quality movement and endurance with the CF Austin community!  Cheers to being Supple Leopards my friends!