Welcome to the Triib || A step by step process for the transition

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How do I get into my Triib account?
Hey guys! So, I know there was a little confusion with emails going out over the weekend (ie. early….) and unfortunately you’re going to get more of those over the next week while we finish up applying your memberships and pt sessions to your accounts. Those are auto emails that go out when a service is added. Bear with me while we get that set up and then it’ll be smooth sailing.
You should have received an email on Tuesday (3/19) with your login information.
Now, if you didn’t get an email, first look again. It actually comes from ‘CrossFit Austin’ and should say something along the line of “Welcome to CrossFit Austin: Triib”
It includes your username, which is simply the email address we have on file for you and an auto-generated password which you’ll change as soon as you click the link to login.
If you didn’t get that email, cant find it, whatever… You can simply go to the login page [[ CLICK HERE: https://crossfit-austin.triib.com/accounts/login/ ]] and go through the “forgot password” process. 
What do I do once I’m in?
1) Update your personal information – phone, birthday, emergency contact, current mailing address, shirt size… all that good stuff. 
2) Read over and sign the liability waiver (this is the same one you signed when you first started moving with us, but now it’s electronic!)
3) REVIEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT – This is all of the policies we have in place with your contract. Class registration, holds, cancellations. Some things have possibly changed since you joined so review it before moving on.
4) Once at your profile home – update the Payment Method section with the card you’d like to use for your memberships. NOTHING WILL DRAFT FROM TRIIB UNTIL APRIL. (see below for more info on this) 
                ***If you are using the browser on your phone, after you click “credit card” SCROLL DOWN below the calendar to find
the CC entry box!!***
5) Look around! Add a profile picture, etc. The site is not complete yet, but we’re so far on track for an April 1 launch.
You can also do all of this through the Triib app!!
    • Once you’ve updated your billing, I can go in and remove it from Mindbody and deactivate your account.
  • If you have not yet been billed for March, your draft will come from Mindbody this month, but will switch to Triib next month
  • Updating in Triib before April 1 is what gives you access to your classes in the transition
  • If you have PT sessions remaining, those will be manually added to your account in Triib
  • Beginning April 1 you will use the Triib system to log into class
    • RSVPs are required through Triib. This has always been policy through mindbody too…
    • Coaches will no longer be signing you into class so you MUST register yourself if you plan to participate. 

We’ll be sending out more information on how to register, post scores, track your workouts, etc.. once all that has been set up. Stand by!

That’s it for now. Let me know if you have questions and PLEASE help us out with this transition by updating your information as soon as possible.

If you just can’t figure it out, come see me (Or Tim) and we’ll get you taken care of. We appreciate your help, patience, and cooperation. It’s going to be awesome once it’s all set up!

Think of this like moving… putting all your stuff in boxes and taking them to the new place sucks… but once you’re unpacked and you see your new home… that’s the best feeling! 🙂