WOD 3/1

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:30 Monster Walks

Make-up/Skill Day
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Strength WOD
Press:  3-2-1 @ 20×0
Squat: 6×2 @30×0 (comfortable 2 RM, don’t take to failure)
Deadlift Clusters: @75%, rest :30 b/t 80-85%, rest :75 b/t @90%, rest :90 b/t
*Attempt 1-3 handstand push-ups or standard push-ups in between reps

5 Rounds
200 M Sprint
6 Power Snatches @ 115 lbs,  85 lbs  
8 Ring Dips

Perseverance is more prevailing than violence; and many things which cannot be overcome when they are together, yield themselves up when taken little by little.– Plutarch

Gary Taubes
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-April 30th, CFA is hosting Carl Paoli’s Gymnastic Seminar.
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AM Results
Wed. Thurs. Fri. Mon. Strength
Blake X
Rookie X
Sleeves X
Nugget X
Tow Matt X
Darlene X
Carissa X
Leigh X
Nick X
Fro X
Kirk X
9 AM X
Walker 6:52 (95#)
Tristy 22 (MOD)
Kim 4:40 (MOD)
Danielle 22 (10#, J)
Steph 3:44 (MOD)
PM Results
Blake 11:21 Rx
Cat 7:14 (155lb)
Betsy 5:47 (135lb)
Mark X
Letty X
Stacey 12:58 Rx
Miguel 6:41 Rx
Fro 9:33 Rx
Sleeves 8:23 Rx
Geno 9:27 Rx
Heather 7:20 (70lb)
Julie 8:54 (95lb)
Jables 6:20 (90lb)
Tasha 6:14 (80lb)
Christy 2389 Row
Nick 8:49 Rx
Leigh 11:49 (RPU)
Carissa 12:04 (55lb, Neg)
Darlene 12:03 (55lb, Neg)
Kaz 7:41
Anthony 9:34
Chaz X
Skipper X
Veronica X
Jen X