WOD 3/2

Buy In/Cash Out
3x:30 Monster Walks

Anaerobic Lactic Power Test
3 Attempts in 1:00
30 Thrusters
Score=Heaviest Weight
Rest 7 Minutes between each attempt

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. -Alan Kay

To Fast or not to Fast
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Side Bends with a Smile:)

AM Results
Andrew 25lbs
Mikey 30lbs
Steven 55lbs
Mike 85lbs
Elizabeth 30lbs
Jennifer 25lbs
Mego DNF
Andrew 55lbs
Tow Matt 65lbs
Jerry 80lbs
Kirk 85lbs
Tannifer 25lbs (24)
Ray 70lbs
Bill 35lbs
Tall “D” 55lbs
Angela 20lbs
Zoom 25lbs (27)
Kim 15lbs
J.C. 75lbs
Ryan 55lbs (29)
Natalie 15lbs (29)
Lance 35lbs
Jesse 25lbs (29)
PM Results
Cody 85lbs
David 85lbs
Tasha 45lbs
Crash 25lbs (28)
Cat 50lbs
Betsy 65lbs
Winner 40lbs
“G” 45lbs
Jables 50lbs
Chris 80lbs
Stacey 80lbs
Jeanette 30lbs
Kavi 65lbs
Prince 65lbs
Walker 50lbs (28)
Michael 65lbs
Elena 30lbs
Andee 25lbs
Debbie 30lbs
J.J. 35lbs
L.G. 15lbs
Jenn 45lbs (25)
Young 45lbs
Liz 65lbs
Megan 30lbs
Schittone 50lbs
Sanjay 30lbs
Ross 35lb (29)
Randy 25lbs
Jeff 40lbs
Lana 15lbs
Teeny 20lbs