WOD 3/2

A. Spend 10 minutes working on handstand and kipping HSPU progressions.

B. 5 rounds for time.
4 ‘heavy’ jerks @ 155 / 95 / 65
8 goblet squat @ 32K / 24K / 16K
12 ‘heavy’ Russian KBS (Same)
200m run

1 minute rest
*total time recorded
*20 minute time cap.

*Retest from 12/18

Scaling Guide:
– 11 – 17 min, about 3:30 per round including the rest.
– Scale Up: 185/115lb jerks, and 20 reps Russian kb swings per round.

In case you missed this awesome #TransformationTuesday post…

Transformation Tuesday:
While we enjoy seeing folks reach their fitness goals. We LOVE seeing our people’s life change and evolve in the gym. So today we want to thank long time member Alex Gale for sharing the last 5+ years with us, and sharing his passion for fitness with his daughter Stella!

Left: AG & Stella October 2011
Right: AG & Stella February 2017