Happy Birthday Coach Erica!

We want to wish our very own Coach Erica a VERY Happy Birthday today! She’s been an integral part of our team over the past few years and we’re so thankful for everything she does. She’s given a lot of love and a lot of sweat to this crew and we wouldn’t be the same without her! Happy Birthday Coach E!


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation @ CrossFit Austin|| Win a FitBit!

This Saturday [July 18th] join us for either the 9:00 am or 10:00 am class and have your name entered to win a FitBit from Paramount pictures! They will be joining us to take some shots of our community training like badasses and giving out passes to the early screening of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation on Tuesday [July 28th] at the Regal Metropolitan.

We will draw the winner of the FitBit after the 10:00 am class. Reserve your spot in class now!

{Register Here}


#SummerAtCFA photo contest

Love CrossFit Austin AND prizes?!
Enter our summer photo contest!! ☀️

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook and post your pic in July using our

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Winners will be randomly drawn on Aug 1st & announced here on Instagram.

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Welcome to July


Well folks it is officially summer here in Austin, and with summer comes new fun stuff at CrossFit Austin! We’re already 10 days into our new training cycle and our annual Murph day event will take place Saturday morning on July 4th.  Those are all the things you already know, so lets get into the new stuff happening at CFA starting this month!

First things first it’s time to bring back a #hashtag contest. The contest is quite simple, follow us on instagram & post a pic in July using the #SummerAtCFA hashtag.

Winners will be randomly drawn at the end of the month for a chance to win:

1st: FREE (yes, totally no joke free) membership for the month of August
2nd: Airrosti / CrossFit Games prize pack
3rd: CFA tshirt Winners will be randomly drawn on Aug 1st & announced here on Instagram.

Rumor has it a selfie stick might make its way to the gym next week.


Competitor Program
As you may have noticed we’ve fully integrated our competitor’s program into our group training sessions.  The competitor programming is being adapted from our good friends CrossFit Invictus, and organized in a way that allows our competitive athletes and coaches to be a bigger part of the overall CFA community. You’ll see the comp team guys and gals in group classes Monday – Wednesday and a majority of Saturdays.

Now, we would also like to open the competition program up to additional folks that are interested in adding some “extra / additional” work to their regular training sessions. Here are some baseline buy ins.

  • Training will take appx. 90 minutes and a portion of the work will be self directed
  • You need to be well versed in the exercises we do as Friday’s programming will be completely on your own
  • You must be on an Unlimited membership to have access to the program

If you’re interested in dipping your toes into the comp program waters send me an email at wes@crossfitaustin.com and I’ll add you to our private Facebook group.


Austin Weightlifting Summer Training Cycle
If just reading about that extra CrossFit work got you tired, or your idea of conditioning is a good set of 10 on the back squat, Austin Weightlifting might be for you. Last month we had six lifters including myself and Coach Erica compete in Olympic Weightlifting meets.  We’ve targeted late September for our next meet and will begin a full 12 week olympic weightlifting training cycle next Monday. Right not we have 6 athletes participating in the training cycle and would love for more folks to jump on board!

  • Our coached training sessions are on M/W @ 6:30 am & Tu/Th @ 6:30 PM, the rest of the program is completed in the Oly Center
  • If you’d like to continue to have access to CrossFit Classes this is available with your Unlimited membership
  • If you’d like to switch to an Oly Only Membership this is also an option

If you’re interested in any aspect of our Olympic Lifting Program email erica@crossfitaustin.com

For any questions about your membership option, or to change membership options, contact Genevieve at frontdesk@crossfitaustin.com and she’ll help you out!

Stay tuned for more great stuff at CrossFit Austin this summer!

-Coach Wes

Strength is… || The Prep at CrossFit Austin || July 6

Strength is…

Strength is more than being able to lift the most weight. It is more than being able to do any number pull-ups or push-ups. Strength is more than being the first to finish the workout.

Strength is being able to make it up the stairs with your groceries. Strength is being able to carry your own bag through the airport. Strength is keeping up with your kids, grandkids, dog, siblings, friends, whomever. Strength is giving it a try even if you might fail. Strength is setting goals and continuously working toward them, even when they seem impossible.

What is your strength? Let us help you find it.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” -Mahatma Gandhi

The Prep at CrossFit Austin || July 6

{Details & Registration}

july prep

“The Prep” is designed to introduce new clients to the fundamentals and essential movements often seen in our group classes. The Prep is a course that teaches proper movement, recovery, mobility strategies, and a crash course on nutrition & lifestyle. This beginners program ultimately gives our clients the tools to make their time at CrossFit Austin life changing. We’re not just movers and shakers at CrossFit Austin – we’re thinkers, too. Producing athletes that train smart, work hard and also know their stuff is what we’re all about.

July 6 – July 31

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 5:30 am
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 6:30 pm

Group Prep: $200
Private Prep: $300

H2O is Mo’ Better! || Coach Tim Garland

The first official day of summer has arrived. As our bodies adapt to the heat and humidity that this season brings us, you hear your coaches tell you to make sure you are drinking plenty of water. What is “plenty”? Why is it so important?

Many of us know that water comprises the majority of our body. So making sure that we are consuming an appropriate amount of this clear, flavorless liquid is a no-brainer requirement for optimal health. Now, imagine yourself this summer hiking the Greenbelt, completing your WOD, or sitting by pool/river/lake for countless hours…without any water. Thirsty thoughts? Thirst is often thought of as an alert for the beginnings of dehydration. According to Merriam-Webster, dehydration is defined as;


Dehydration– an abnormal depletion of body fluids


I don’t think anyone would argue that the aforementioned activities could bring on the onset of dehydration without appropriate measures being taken. Most of us have heard the 6-8, 8oz. cups of water per day as the standard for water consumption. Yes, this is standard. However, just as our nutritional fingerprint differs from individual to individual, so should our water intake. We all come in different shapes and sizes and participate at different levels in vastly different activities. Additionally, depending on our current state of health, some systems are more efficient than others at regulating the needs of said activities. Without throwing specific recommendations out there for person A, weighing ‘x’ amount at such and such height yada-yada ya…here are some dehydration indicators to be aware this summer to help you key in on your health, thus your performance, as it pertains to water intake.

A few symptoms have been identified as;

  • Little to no urine, or dark yellow/amber hued urine
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness/lightheadedness
  • Dry mouth
  • Confusion


Conversely, proper hydration helps eliminate the chances of these occurring, and can aid us in;

  • Regulating core body temperature
  • Lubricating our joints
  • Keeping our kidneys and liver healthy by flushing out toxins and eliminating waste
  • Helps carry oxygen and nutrients to our cells and tissues


Are there other sources to help me stay hydrated other than JUST water? Yes. Although here, water is king, here are a few other ways to sneak in the liquid. Fruits and vegetables contain small amounts of h2o, as well as their juices. Keep in mind that the juices may have unwanted calories due to added sugars. Coffee and teas also contain water, but caffeine can act as a diuretic and lead to frequent urination and counter our purpose.


All in all, plan and prepare for your daily activities.

  • Be aware of your environment (heat and humidity) and what your body is telling you
  • Keep a mental note of your previous 12-24 hours of water intake
  • Keeping a water bottle with you throughout your day will help you monitor your water consumption
  • Adjust your consumption as needed to fit your daily activity level

“Mama said Gatorade is the devil”


Train smart, live smart,

-Coach Garland

Ankle & Calf Mobility and Stability || Coach Walker Palecek

When many of you read Coach Leigh’s Achilles article you might have been wondering what the best way to “prep” the Achilles might be, or how to increase ankle/calf mobility in general. Well, here are some answers!

I love a good foam rolling session, but I always think of the roller as a toothbrush; the lacrosse ball is like dental floss and can be used for more detailed mobility. That said, one of the first – and easiest – things you can do to work out tension in the calf is to sit down, extend the leg, and set the muscles right on top of the ball. If it’s uncomfortable, you know you need some work in that area. Maintain pressure – or slow movement of either the position of the ball, or the foot/ankle itself – until the sensation of pain subsides. You can also add pressure to either side of the Achilles itself (two lacrosse balls taped together, AKA a “peanut” is perfect for this). Stack the other leg on top if you need more pressure. Two to three minutes is all you need.
Next up you’ll want to stretch. (**It’s best to do any release work prior to stretching. Picture a rope with a knot in the middle; if you just pull on either sides of the rope, it’s certainly not going to get rid of the knot!)
The easiest stretch for the calf is a two part one: In a slight lunge, place one foot behind you, keeping the back leg straight. You want to feel a stretch high up on the calf. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Next, bend the back leg and you’ll feel the stretch move down the calf. Hold for 30-60 seconds.
A favorite ankle mobility exercise of mine is the “11-12-1.” (Great for squats too!) Stand in a shallow lunge with the front foot about 2-4 inches from the wall. Slowly bend the knee straight ahead (12 o’clock) until it touches the wall. (If your heel comes up, move closer to the wall; you want it to be a challenge.) Repeat this movement towards the 11 o’clock angle, and again at the 1 o’clock angle, for a total of three reps. Repeat 5 times. Get competitive, the more you do this, the further you can place the foot from the wall as your mobility increases.
Three-way calf raises are quick and effective. Though you could do these on the floor, ideally you should do these over an edge of some sort (a stair or step, a box, a bumper plate, a hardcover book, whatever!). Place the feet under the hips and facing straight ahead, with the ball of foot securely on the surface and your heel hanging off. Slowly sink deeply into your heels, then slowly raise as high onto your toes as you can go. For the next set, bring your heels together, and toes facing out; repeat the movement. For the final set, bring the toes together, and have the heels facing out. Start with sets of 8, work up to 12 or 15.
The above takes all of 5 minutes and can have a big impact. Git after it!
-Coach Walker
Images courtesy of Top End Sports, PopSugar, and Marshall Total Fitness.

Austin Weightlifting || Post Meet Congrats!

We are very excited to announce that Austin Weightlifting members Beverly Lopez, Leah Alter, Nick Piacente, and Wes Kimball rocked it this past weekend at the Naturally Fit Olympic Weightlifting Meet! Bev and Leah both had PRs while Leah and Wes both placed 2nd in their divisions! Way to go guys! We are so proud of all of you!

Bev – Total: 100K (220) Snatch: 42K (92.4) Clean & Jerk: 58K (127.6) PR**

Leah – Total:110K (242) Snatch: 46K (101.2)  Clean & Jerk: 64K (140.8) meet PR**

Nick – Total: 225K (495) Snatch: 100K (220) Clean and Jerk: 125 (275)

Wes – Total: 267K (587.4) Snatch: 119K (261.8) Clean and Jerk: 148K (325.6)