What is this Endurance class all about??

What is CrossFit Endurance? In a nutshell,  CFE combines functional strength and mobility exercises with a high-intensity interval regimen in a series of short, intense workouts designed to build all-over strength and boost the limits of your cardiovascular capacity. CFE is a sports-specific plan that alternates between running technique sessions and customized, CrossFit-like workouts.
Or according to John McBrien, a CrossFit Endurance coach. “Find the area where you suck, and then make it suck less”.
The goals of this course are  to:
  • Increase Aerobic Capacity, which is the base of all metabolic performance
  •  Limit your road time and increase the work you’re doing in the gym.
  • Reduce mileage and instead focus on both  form and high-intensity training, thereby creating a  stronger, more skillful, more durable athlete.
  • Reduce injury risk as “junk” mileage is replaced with functional CFE workouts that train the same energy systems
  • Increase explosive power and speed
  • Increase  mobility and range of motion through incorporating workouts that improve range of motion in the joints and muscle tissues
  • Increase production of human growth hormone, which helps counter the natural loss of muscle mass that comes with age
  • Improve coordination of upper- and lower-body muscle groups through the inclusion of compound movements in training
  • Increae race performance through greater strength, improved form, and greater running efficiency
This class is open to all levels of fitness.
Join Coach Jesse Ruiz for our 6-week Endurance class from July 8 – August 16. Sundays at 5 pm and Thursdays at 7 pm. See you there!