2015 – The CrossFit Open & The Road to Regionals || Coach Leigh LeGare

We Want YOU!!!

For your participation in the CrossFit 2015 Open


The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Open is upon us! For those who have been here in the past, you’ll attest to this energy filled time contributing to five consecutive action packed Saturdays. Not to mention, it’s my favorite time of the year! For those of you who are new and have no idea what the Open is, let me explain…

The Open is the preliminary qualifier for what we see on TV, the CrossFit Games. It is a world-wide competition, lasting five weeks with a new workout released weekly. Members of CrossFit boxes have the ability to compete against not only their ‘box-mates’ with each workout, but by submitting your score online you can compete with and see how you stand against other all over the world. During this period, the weekly workout will be CFA’s Saturday morning workout. Imagine these mornings with hype music and/or a DJ, a larger presence of our community cheering each other on, tons of chalk clouds from the amount of clapping, and multiple PR’s/higher levels of accomplishment from everyone! ‘Hype City’ at its finest while we fulfill our mission of making it BACK to Regionals for the 6th year in a row!


How does it work? Sounds like way too much fun to be a competition!

The first workout will be released Thursday February 26th by CrossFit HQ. A new one is released each Thursday until March 26th. Once the workout is released, you have until the following Monday (5 pm PT) to complete that workout and submit your weekly score.

NEW!! There are two divisions this year; ‘Rx’ for those interested in competing/furthering their journey and ‘Scaled’ for those who don’t quite have all movements but want to get the best of their experience. Each division will be ranked based on scores. Scores go towards both individual and team scores. However, if you want your score to count towards your team’s score or move onto Regionals as an individual, you must do ALL workouts Rx.


Wait, Leigh, rewind…there are TEAM scores and I can contribute?

YES! Each week, the top 3 gals’ and the top 3 guys’ scores are taken. These six scores and who we pull from may change weekly based on whose wheelhouse that workout is in. One of the workouts may be in your wheelhouse and we’ll need YOUR score to help our cause towards Regionals. Each week, the collective total amongst the six scores determines where we rank regionally (against other teams/boxes) and ultimately where CFA ranks at the end of the 5 weeks. If we make the cut, we’re off to represent CFA at the LIVE Regional venue.

We’ve had a group of individuals training with the sole focus to have a team at Regionals.  We know this year will be increasingly difficult and in previous years have used multiple CF Austinites’ scores to help on our road to Regionals, even if competing at Regionals wasn’t their focus. We’d like to continue this tradition as there are some of you who have skills to contribute to these workouts (cough, cough…Bradley, Janss, Dayna, Doug, Miguel, Cody and many others of CFA…no pressure 😉 ).

Yes, I’ve secretly been watching and would love as many of you to be a part of our journey towards the Games! Besides, regardless of signing up, you’ll be doing these workouts anyway! You might as well register! New to CrossFit and/or CrossFit Austin? Don’t let that deter you from signing up and doing these workouts with the community!!!


This sounds fun, how do I sign up?

Follow the link (below) to register. Fill out appropriate fields and when prompted, choose CrossFit Austin as your ‘affiliate’. Registration is $20 but is fully worth it! REGISTER!!! It takes a village and I’m recruiting!

Join us for an amazing 2015 Open season. Results?! A stronger community and seeing many of you do things you thought you wouldn’t be able to do! If you doubt your efforts, don’t! It’s a great experience and an awesome tradition at CFA to be a part of.

Let’s get CFA to Regionals for the 6th year in a row! #weare1 #roadtoregionals #year6 #ittakesavillage

Coach Leigh

CLICK HERE to register




Congratulations to Fittest Games and A League of Their Own Competitors!

We want to give a shout out to some of CFA’s Badass Babes who have recently competed! Congratulations on your hard work and amazing efforts ladies! 

Lindsey Guelde competed in The Fittest Games on January 31st.
Lindsey PR’d her Power Clean at 195 lbs and she ran her 800 m sprint in 3:04.


Leigh LeGare & Stacey Magnesio and Heather Rogers & Kat Bevel competed in A League of Their Own, a women’s only competition, on February 7th. Leigh and Stacey killed it finishing 4th over all in the competition. Kat and Heather made a huge jump in the final two workouts from 18th to finish strong in 12th. They destroyed the 2 minute Max effort Pistol WOD finishing 4th with 83 total reps.


aloto stacey.leigh

Are you competing? Let us know!
Contact info@crossfitaustin.com with your competition details!

What’s New with your Membership?

With the launch of the New Year, we’ve launched a few new things of our own here at CrossFit Austin. We now have a brand new Olympic Lifting program under Austin Weightlifting and that means that there are some changes in membership options that we hope will help you to focus your training and better reach your goals.

*Unlimited Memberships offer access to: {all inclusive}

  • Group Classes
  • Open Gym
  • Olympic Lifting Classes
  • Strength Program
  • Discounted Personal Training Sessions {$37.50 per session}

Unlimited access

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  • Open Gym

Twice per week {9 classes per month}

3x/Week Memberships offer access to:

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  • Open Gym

Three times per week {14 classes per month}

Olympic Lifting Program Membership offers access to:

  • Olympic Lifting Classes
  • Open Gym in the Oly Center

Unlimited access

If you are currently on a 2x or 3x per week membership and are interested in upgrading to unlimited to gain access to more programs, there is no additional fee to upgrade. Simply shoot us an email {info@crossfitaustin.com} or give us a call (512) 761-6733 to make the switch!

*Please note that with these updates, there may be some some changes to class accessibility. Have questions about what classes you have access to on your membership? Feel free to contact us!

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