Beyond The Bar Podcast Episode 8 – Q&A

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On this weeks episode Aaron and Wes dive into the Snatch and matching your nutritional needs to the demands of a particular training cycle. The guys also give you the low down on several upcoming events this week including our Pub Run Friday,  The Oly/Gymnastics Seminar this weekend, and Southside Athletics!

Pub Run – Join us for this year’s Pub Run!

Oly/Gymnastics Seminar – Check out this seminar with Chad Vaughn and David Durante!

Southside Athletics – Get the break down of our new program!


Beyond The Bar Podcast Episode 7 – Q&A

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Today Wes and Aaron dive into some fantastic questions from our Monday evening clients. Topics including a definitive statement regarding the use of bicep curls in a training program. Causes and potential fixes for patella femoral pain.  A look into the benefits of submaximal training efforts, and finally a discussion on goal setting and motivation. If you have questions for the podcast feel free to email them into or post in the comments. Enjoy!

Beyond The Bar PodCast Episode 6 – Mudz

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Today we welcome Mahdi Te Heuheu aka “Mudz” to CrossFit Austin! Mudz is visiting CFA from his home in New Zealand, and will be hanging out for the next 2 weeks. Mudz finished the Australian Regional of the CrossFit Games in 7th place and has been working with CFA Director of Training Aaron Davis for the past year.  In this episode we get a closer look of the evolution, and work ethic of one of the fittest Kiwi’s on the planet!



Beyond The Bar Podcast Episode 5 – Building a Base

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In today’s Beyond the Bar podcast Aaron and Wes discuss the importance of “building a base” in the sport of CrossFit, and in general fitness. The guys discuss a theoretical continuum of movement quality, strength, and aerobic capacity as ideal stepping stones for an athlete.

Program note: Many of you have asked if our Podcast is on iTunes.  We are currently in the process and hope to have it done by our next Podcast. Stay tuned!