Core Value Number 1 – Purposeful Training

For those of you that missed my article on CrossFit Austin’s mission and core values last week take a few minutes to read through it for context on today’s article.  Just to review here are the CrossFit Austin mission statement and core values:

CrossFit Austin: The Catalyst for Personal Evolution

  • Purposeful Training

  • Community

  • Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Fun

Today we’re going to dive into what it means to train with a purpose, and why it is at the top of the list.

Simply put, purposeful training is planned training with planned intentions for outcomes.  We understand that every person that walks through our door hopes to gain a certain outcome from the hard work that they put into their training. You know what you want and you have a simple understanding of what actions you need take to get there. It’s our job to add a purpose to those actions and make sure they’re focused in the right direction.

As we dig deeper we understand that knowing the importance of the why is just as important as the what  Having reason behind the training ensures that athletes and coaches can create an environment and support that welcomes questions and communication.  As the old cliche goes, give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. We see training in the same light. It should be a learning experience that allows athletes to not only work hard, but make intelligent decisions about their work.

Ultimately everything we do as coaches and athletes is about intention. Actions without intention lead us nowhere and since physical training is the foundational service we provide, it’s imperative that everything we ask people to do has as an intention to it, regardless of how general or specific that intention may be. Constant growth and progress over the long haul boils down to taking the correct actions based on the best intentions. This is the essence of what CrossFit Austin is here to provide, and should be the foundation of any training program.

Wes Kimball

Beyond The Bar Podcast Episode 8 – Q&A

Click to listen

On this weeks episode Aaron and Wes dive into the Snatch and matching your nutritional needs to the demands of a particular training cycle. The guys also give you the low down on several upcoming events this week including our Pub Run Friday,  The Oly/Gymnastics Seminar this weekend, and Southside Athletics!

Pub Run – Join us for this year’s Pub Run!

Oly/Gymnastics Seminar – Check out this seminar with Chad Vaughn and David Durante!

Southside Athletics – Get the break down of our new program!


CFA Welcomes Our Newest Coach: Andrew Key!

andrew key

From CFA Management:

CrossFit Austin is proud to introduce the newest member of our Coaching Staff Andrew Key.  Andrew has made the move to Austin from Dallas, where he’s spent the last 2.5 years coaching at CrossFit Dallas Central.  We’re excited to add another seasoned and experienced coach at CrossFit Austin, expect to see Andrew on bright and early on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in September!

About Andrew:

Andrew found CrossFit after his days of college football at Texas A&M and has enjoyed its benefits ever since. Through this newfound community he learned about better movement, true nutrition, and his passion. After college (and 2 years in the business world), Andrew knew this was the place for him. He’s been coaching CrossFit for over 2 years and is excited to hit the ground running with CFA!

A note from Andrew:

Since graduating from Texas A&M, I’ve become a husband and father. I enjoy drinking fine scotch, coffee and red wine. I like helping people discover the positive power that quality food possesses. I cannot wait to travel the world much more. I use fitness to keep me lethal on the sand vball court. I’m super pumped to be at CFA!

WOD 8/24

All Levels – Week 7 of 8 Work Capacity
10 Rounds
500 M Row
10 Burpees
*Partner alternates rounds, each partner will complete a total of 5 rounds
*Time recorded

3 Rounds
:60 Weighted Front Plank Hold
:90 Rest
*Increase plate weight each round

All Levels – AM
Josh 28:33
Jillian/Jenny/Maureen 28:43
Mer & Janice 31:36
Larry & Brian 26:44
Val & Kristi 29:19 (4 rounds)
Nailed It 29:29
Black Eye 27:23
Sweat & Love 29:09
Chandler 30:32
Stripes 31:39

WOD 8/23

All Levels – Week 7 of 8 Work Capacity
3 Rounds for Quality
10 SA OVHD Lunges
10 Ring Rows
10 Goblet Squat
*Slow and controlled on all movements

20:00 AMRAP
400 M Run
5 Push-ups
10 KBS @ 24K, 16K
15 V-ups
*Rounds Recorded

All Levels – AM
Janice 5
Mitch 5
Sarah 5
Ben 4
Jeff 6
Velvet 6.5
Page 7
Matt 6
Silas 6
Ryan 6
Jose 6.5
Andre 5.75
MegO 4.5
Mercy 3.25
Michele 4
Mer 5.25
Sanchez 5.25
Emily 3.25
Spencer 4.25
Shug 4.25
Jenn 5
All Levels – Noon
Bianca 5
Tineke 5
Ganesh 5.25
Amanda 5.5
Miller Time 4.25
Chet 4
E-Rod 4.25
Jared 5
Sean 5.75

WOD 8/22

Performance – Week 7 of 8 Work Capacity
Warm-up: Medball Get-ups x5/leg x2
*Narrow as possible

A.Front Squat x1x5 @ 90-95% by feel Rest 3:00
B1. DL x2x6 @80% Rest :60
B2. WTD Dips x3x6 @ rest :90
B3. WTD Strict Pull-ups x3x6 Rest :90

A. Back Squat x3-5×5 @ 30×0
B. Press x2-3×4
C1. RDL x6-8×4
C2. Ring Rows x6-8×4

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” -Nelson Mandela


Foundations – AM
Performance – AM
Big Spoon
Tow Matt
Ladies Class

WOD 8/21

Performance – Week 7 of 8 Work Capacity 
In 10 Minutes work to a 2 RM Hip Snatch or Hip Power Snatch
5:00 EMOM 2 Hip Snatch or Power Snatch @ 90% of today
*Best Snatch Recorded

7 Rounds
:30 Max DB Power Snatch @ 55 lb, 35 lb (From Ground)
:90 Rest
*Max Reps recorded

3 Rounds
400 M Sprint
5:00 Rest

Kip Pull-ups

EMOM alternating for 12:00
odd: 2-4 Kip/Jump Pull-ups
even: 2-4 Goblet Squat

4 Rounds (Partner Workout)
250 M Row
8 Push-ups
*1 Person works at a time
*Record total time

“Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction.” – Margaret Thatcher

Judy Blaz

Congratulations to Judy and Blaz on winning 1st place at the Africa Partner Competition!

Foundations – AM
WB 6:04
Freedom Rowers 7:00
Team Bad-ass 7:00
Performance – AM
Ivan 115 13
Lee 97 10
Mitch 65 16
Dave 95 12
Maureen 45 11
Janice 50 16
Gabi 65 13
Melissa 33 8
Jillian 65 15
Red 45 10
Jose 85 12
Chet 135 10
Gil 90 20
Jeff 115 12
Nelly 55 9
Ray 125 11
Performance – Noon
Tineke 60 16
Eric 95 13
Jared 95 14
Foundations – PM
Bruiser 5:51
Braves 5:12
Performance – PM
Coco 55 10
Larry 105 11
Sean 70 11
Matt 105 12
Mercy 55 13
Walter 95 12
Kinchen 85 10
Jacob 95 12
PJ 115
Mike 115
Allyson 55
Keith 95
J-Rod 105
Sarah 50
Lulu 65

Beyond The Bar Podcast Episode 7 – Q&A

Click to listen

Today Wes and Aaron dive into some fantastic questions from our Monday evening clients. Topics including a definitive statement regarding the use of bicep curls in a training program. Causes and potential fixes for patella femoral pain.  A look into the benefits of submaximal training efforts, and finally a discussion on goal setting and motivation. If you have questions for the podcast feel free to email them into or post in the comments. Enjoy!

WOD 8/20

Performance – Week 7 of 8 Work Capacity
For Quality
Front Squats @135 lb, 95 lb
CTB Kip Pull-ups

8 Rounds
5 Lunges/leg
5 V-ups
5 Push-ups
100 M Suit Case Carry
*Time Recorded

Hip Cleans

A. Hip Clean + Push Press
10:00 AMRAP
8 KB Swings
8 DB Push Press
300 M Run
C. Ring High Fly’s Ys & Ts x8/ea pos. x2

“Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.” – Muhammad Ali


Foundations – AM
Scott 3.5
Humberto 4
Jim 2 2/3
Josh 3
John 3
Courtney 3
Jordan 3
Valeria 3
Jannica 3
Yvonne 3
Meridith 3.75
Josh 7
Performance – AM
Tow Matt
Ladies Class
Performance – PM
Jared 15:58
Gil 18:05
Chet 22:18
Jeri 20:07
Miller Time 22:55
Larry 18:21
Jeanette 20:55
Amanda 19:48
ABC 20:25
Andy 21:00
Evil 21:21
KJ 16:18
C2 19:30
Cassie 18:49
Paul 18:15
Velvet 15:58
Janet 17:38
Missy 19:30
J-Rod 15:59
Allyson 16:39
Carrie 18:44
Kristi 16:45
Keith 15:50

WOD 8/19

Performance – Week 7 of 8 Work Capacity 
A. RDL + Hip Clean x3x6 rest :90 by feel

10 Rounds
200 M Run
5 Overhead Squats @ 95 lb, 65 lb
*Time Recorded

2 Rounds
10 V-ups
10 total Single Arm Walking Lunges


A1. Strict Pull-ups x3x5
A2. Thruster x5x5

B. 1 Mile Time Trial

2 Rounds
: 90 Side Planks
20 MB Sit ups

“Life is like a hamstring…you’ve got to load it before you push through it.” -Leigh LeGare

judy afm

Congratulations, Judy! Two years in row!

Foundations – AM
Bryan 10:09
Humberto 9:01
Monica 12:05
Jonathan 9:09
Dawn 10:31
Toanna 8:00
John 13:55
Josh 6:50
Andre 6:50
Performance – AM
Lee 18:11
Ken 18:42
Sam 16:50
Mitch 15:10
Big Spoon 17:27
Ed 15:57
Tow Matt 17:05
Red 18:15
Jose 15:55
Sarah 16:42
Jillian 15:45
Jeff 15:00
Joseph 14:57
Nelly 18:31
Performance – Noon
Wood 14:22
Mer 15:52
Tina 14:30
Emilio 14:26
Foundations – PM
Sean 6:04
Ed 8:58
Andrea 10:28
Conal 10:38
Jillian 11:38
Emmy 9:27
Vance 8:08
Jason 8:24
Jessica 9:27
Max 10:57
Lauren 8:24
Emily 9:22
Performance – PM
Jeri 17:16
Gil 19:10
Amanda 17:13
STD 16:43
E-Rod 20:38
KT 23:11
Coco 22:39
ABC 20:09
Sean 14:51
Janet 17:12
Sanchez 16:22
C2 18:45
Missy 18:50
Shug 20:35
Jen 16:45
Nicole 16:30
Cassie 17:46
PJ 14:48
Paul 16:48
Keith 17:00
Larry 15:26
Ruhlin 14:30