April Athlete of The Month – Shaelyn Stone!!

Each month we spotlight a different CFA athlete who stands out and shows just how awesome they are. What is it that makes up an Athlete of the Month? It may not be the person that finishes the fastest, Rx’s every WOD, or gets a PR every time they walk in the gym. Although we love and celebrate when those things happen, the Athlete of the Month is made up of much more than physical ability. This person shows up, gives their best every time, and then gives a little more. They are hungry to learn and always ready to do the work. They support their fellow classmates and encourage them to reach their goals. This athlete embodies what we believe the CrossFit Austin Community should be about.

Our April Athlete of the Month is Shaelyn Stone! Shaelyn started sweating with CFA back in February of 2016. You’ll usually catch her with the 6:30 am or the 4:30 pm crew.  It’s been really exciting to see the progress that Shaelyn has made here, especially recently! She has a great drive and solid focus in her training. All that work has certainly paid off in her time here! We’ve enjoyed Shaelyn’s positive attitude and watching her continuous growth and we’re excited to see her continue to progress for many more years! Shaelyn, we are proud to have you as our April Athlete of the Month and as an awesome part of this community. Thanks for all your hard work! Congratulations!  


State your Name and/or Nickname please:
Shaelyn. Or just Shae.

Words to live by?
“See, winners embrace hard work.” –Lou Holtz

What is your fitness background?
I played a lot of basketball and volleyball before I got to college. Now I just play them for leisure.

How long have you been CrossFitting?
A year and three months. And I’ve loved every second of it!

Take us back to your first day of CrossFit… How did you feel? How do you compare it to workouts today?
Haha, ok, so this is a funny story. My first day of CrossFit, I dropped into a class on a day when they were doing only mobility stuff. I had dragged three of my friends with me because I was terrified to go alone, but by the end of class we all walked out with our heads held high, scoffing at those who’d warned us about the painful trials of CrossFit.
Then day two came…and we died. All I remember was a crap load of heavy deadlifts and jumping pull-ups. It felt like every muscle in my body was torn and trying to mesh itself back together. But I LOVED it! It hooked me, and here I am today! The daily soreness is still just as bad, but my performance is so much better.

What’s your favorite part of CrossFit Austin?
The people, no doubt! The coaches, the other members, everyone. And the programming. I love the programming.

Current Training Goals/PRs?
Currently I’m working on getting strict pull-ups and some HSPUs. Just two weeks ago, I got hand stand kick-ups down, and during the Open this year (which was my first Open ever, by the way) I was able to string together a few kipping pull-ups!

What advice do you have for folks just starting out in CrossFit?
It took me a while to learn to leave my extremely competitive nature against others at the big bay doors. But I think that’s helped me most. The only one you should be concerned with competing against is yourself! Like anything else that’s worthwhile and rewarding, this is gonna take time and it’s gonna be hard. But it’s also gonna be a ton of fun!

What is your cheat meal go to?
Chicken and waffles drenched in maple syrup! Oh my gosh, nothing on this earth makes me as happy!

Tell us about a moment you felt most proud of yourself during a workout.
That’d probably be during 17.2, when I got those kipping pull-ups! That was a big moment, lots of adrenaline, surrounded by awesome people.

If you could create a WOD and name it for yourself, what would it be?
I love double-unders, so I would just steal “Annie” and instead name it… I don’t know, the “Shae-nay-nay?” Gosh, that sounds awful, haha.

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?
I love anything to do with the outdoors! Hunting, hiking, camping, kayaking, cave crawling, horseback riding, you name it. I also LOVE to shop and to read books!

As for talents, I speak pretty good French. And I’m expert with a long-range rifle.

Tell us something we don’t know about you…
Not to brag (well kind of), but I’m actually a fantastic singer! I was classically trained in Opera for most of my life, but I sing just about any genre! Except Screamo.

Longhorns or Aggies?
Aggies? Is that some kind of disease?! Nah, I’d have to go with my beloved burnt orange all the way!

Leave the fine folks of CrossFit Austin with some parting words…
Oh my gosh, I’m really blessed to be a part of this community! Y’all are the highlights of my semesters, and I’m super excited to keep working out with y’all and learning from y’all! I think we all know that every time we come to CFA, it’s not just about going to a gym, it’s about being fit for life and taking part in an awesome community!

WOD 4/5

A. 4 rounds

6 Front Squat @ 135 / 95 / 55
12 toes-to-bar
12 broad jump (4ft / 4ft / 3 ft)
20 wall ball @ 20lb/10ft, 14lb/9ft,10lb/8ft
1 min rest
*time recorded
*25:00 Cap

Scaling Guide: 

– 14 – 20 minutes, about 4:30 per round including the rest.
– Scale Up: 155/105lb bar and either 30/20lb wall ball or 11ft/10ft if you don’t have heavy wall balls.
– 4 ft = Width of mat, 3 ft = 1/2 length of mat

Check out the table on the main floor!

WOD 4/4

A. Spend 8 minutes testing your max depth strict HSPU for one rep, or 3 reps if you can go head to floor or lower.

**Pre Test** please note your score for future comparison

B. In 20 Minutes find a 1RM Power Snatch
*Pre test, record weights  

**Pre Test** please note your score for future comparison

C. For time.
15 squat snatches @ 115 / 75 / 55 (Scale to PC to Front Squat if needed)
15 CTB pull-ups (scale: Band chest to bar pull up)
800m run
*Time recorded
*12:00 Cap

Optional ‘Cash Out’:  

3 rounds
5 db squat clean thrusters
30 double unders


Scaling Guide:

– 5 – 10 min.
– Scale Up: 135/85lb snatches

WOD 4/3

A. Spend 8 minutes working on Turkish Get Ups. Plan on doing at least 4 reps per side (all the way up and down).

B. 14:00 EMOM
Min 1 – 2 Back Squat @ 85-95%
Min 2 – 4/arm Single Arm Ring Row
*all sets across %

C. 50 Burpees for Time.
**Pre Test** please note your score for future comparison

Optional ‘Cash Out’:
4:00 AMRAP
20 cal row
15 wall ball

Scaling Guide:
– 2:30 – 6:00, about 12 reps per min.
– Scale Up: 100 reps for time (Guide: 5 – 8 min).

Congrats to this guy! David has been with CFA for over 5 years, putting in the work ( to keep up with his better half, Julie😎) I got start working with Dave as he transitioned back from knee surgery, and it has been an absolute pleasure of a journey, my friend. Congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished and I look forward to watching the next chapter of your life as it unfolds. Cheers to 5 more years (with CFA) and forever with Julie!

– Coach Tim

#CFACommunity #Cheersto5years #Congrats #UDGUDE

WOD 4/1

In Teams of two
5 Rounds
20 Power Snatch @ 115 / 75 / 45 (each person does 10 reps, split anyway)
30 Burpees (each person does 15 reps, split anyway)
400 M Run (partner run together)
*total time recorded


We have to say good luck, and thank you to our beloved Coach Erica as she prepares for the new and exciting challenge of being a Mom! Erica has been such an incredible part of the CFA family over the last 6 years. From a member, to coach, to running our weightlifting program. We are truly blessed to have been a part of her journey in life, and we are excited to meet Baby Cuellar soon.
Once again thank you so much Coach Erica for all that you’ve done for this community over the years!

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WOD 3/31

A. 21:00 EMOM

Min 1 – 2 Power Clean  
Min 2 – 5 Single Arm Half Kneeling Press / arm
Min 3 – Rest
*build to a max weight in the Power Clean

B. 5 Rounds (Scale : 4 Rounds)
5 Strict chin-ups (underhand grip, scale bands)
8 muscle cleans @ 95 / 65 / 35
15 wall ball @ 20lb/10, 14lb/9ft, 10lb/8ft
*time recorded
*16:00 Cap

Scaling Guide:
–  8 – 11 min, about 2 min per round.

CFA! Let’s offer a big welcome to our newest coach, Coach Aaron Garza! We’re excited to have him join the team. Check out his bio here!

Welcome New Coach || Aaron Garza!

A word from Wes: 

Aaron has been an active member of our community for the last several years. Over the past year he’s put in a ton of work immersing himself in education
around coaching and improving his own and others fitness. We’re excited to add him to our AM coaching staff and are confident in his ability to lead within our community. Above all else Aaron is a humble, hardworking, great person (just like every other member of our staff) and we’re excited to see him grow and display those qualities as a coach with CFA!

About Aaron:

Aaron Garza graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. As a lifelong athlete with an engineering background, Aaron has a passion for problem solving, especially when it comes to human movement and performance. He began competing in the endurance space throughout college which ultimately led to the completion of the 2012 Dallas White Rock Marathon. However, In June of 2013, while training for the Austin 70.3 Ironman, a cycling accident landed him in the ER with a broken tibia. It was during the injury rehabilitation process that he discovered Crossfit. After immersing himself in the world of Crossfit for nearly 3 years, he received his Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certification.

A Message from Aaron:

“My knee injury was a tough time for me. I went from working out 6 days a week to non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. During my rehab, Crossfit provided me the opportunity to address my limited range of motion and mobility with healthy, strength specific training. I instantly fell in love with Crossfit and always knew that one day I’d give back and serve the same community that did so much for me. I am beyond excited to be a part of this team and eager to help others improve their general health and wellness in a way that’s positive and fun.”

WOD 3/30

MA. 12:00 EMOM
Min 1 – 3  Back Squat @ 75-80%
Min 2 – 5/arm Single Arm Ring Row
*all sets across %

B. 7 minute AMRAP
12 burpees
6 dumbbell clusters (aka squat clean thrusters) – must hit full hip extension- @ 45 /30 / 15 lbs
*rounds + reps recorded

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 5 rounds of Cindy
Scaling Guide:
– 3 – 5 rounds
– Scale Up: 53/35lb kb

WOD 3/29

A. Spend 12 minutes working up to a challenging Squat Snatch or Power Snatch + OHS (80-90%)

B. 14 minute AMRAP
10 power snatch @ 95 / 65 / 16K KB swing
12 box step ups @ 24 / 20 / 12
14 deadlifts (same as above)
200m run
*rounds + reps recorded

Optional ‘Cash Out’: Row or airbike max calories in 4 min

Scaling Guide:
– 3-6 rounds, about 3 min per round.
– Scale Up: 135 / 85lbs

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman

WOD 3/28

A. 8:00 E202
20’ Walking Lunge (Any variation, OH, Front or Back Rack x 4 sets

B. 14:00 EMOM
Min 1 – 2  Back Squat @ 75-85%
Min 2 – 4/arm Single Arm Ring Row

*all sets across %

C. 6 minute AMRAP
7 KB push-ups
14 DB power snatch  @ 45 /30 / 15 lbs
*rounds + reps recorded

Optional ‘Cash Out’:
3 rounds
50m farmer carry
15 wall ball

“Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.” – Tena Desae