The 2011 Navy SEAL Memorial Challenge aka “Murph Day 2011”

In honor of Medal of Honor winner Lieutenant Michael Murphy and all fallen veterans, CrossFit Austin joins gyms nationwide to host “Murph Day 2011” on Saturday, June 4th.   Proceeds will go to the Navy Seal Foundation.  Any size donation is required to participate, and this event will be open to donations from supporters and spectators as well.  All donations are tax-deductible, please donate online and be sure to direct your donation toward the “Navy SEAL Memorial Challenge” and specify CrossFit Austin in the comment section.  Bring your receipt to the event or email a copy to as it will serve as your ticket to compete!

CrossFit Austin is proud to be hosting this event for the 3rd consecutive year, and we hope to make this one the biggest and best so far!  Last year we raised over $1,200, and this year our goal is to raise at least $5,000.  In addition to the event there will be food, drinks, and lots of fun!  This will be a fantastic event for a great cause, so please do everything you can to get friends, family, and the greater community involved!

The competition will consists of, completing the workout “Murph” named in honor Lieutenant Michael Murphy:

The WOD:

1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

*For time. Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it ‘Body Armor.’ From here on it will be referred to as ‘Murph’ in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.


Saturday, June 4, 2011 from 7 am to 3 pm


8708 South Congress, Suite A180, Austin, TX 78745

Sign Up & Divisions:

Open Individuals and Teams:

This division is for athletes that would like to participate in the workout for fun.  We will not be judging the open division, and scaling option will be available for those who choose to participate in the open division.  Additionally if you would like to “divide and conquer” the workout as part of a team you may do so in this division.

Register and reserve your spot HERE! (7 AM, 8 AM, 11 AM)

Competitive Individual:

This division will be for athletes that would like to compete against other local athletes and will perform the workout as prescribed. Prizes will be awarded to the male and female winners of the Competitive individual division.

Register and reserve your spot HERE! (9 AM – 11 AM)

“Battle Buddy” Division:

In the spirit of the SEAL TEAM,  we’re adding an additional “Battle Buddy” division this year. This division will be for athletes that would like to compete in two person teams against other two person team. This divisions   will perform the workout as prescribed. Prizes will be awarded to the top male team,  the top female team, and the top mixed team.

Register and reserve your spot HERE! (Noon)

Wholly Cow

Current Participating Gyms:
Windy City CrossFit
CrossFit Austin
CrossFit Invictus
U.S. CrossFit
CrossFit Dallas Central
CrossFit Bellevue
Trident CrossFit
CrossFit Scottsdale
CrossFit Amundson
CrossFit Victrix
CrossFit Virginia Beach

FREE Parkour Fitness Camp

Space is extremely limited, click here to reserve your spot now!

CrossFit Austin is pleased to partner with Micah Scarbrough and Team Traverse. The world-class coaches and athletes of Team Traverse will provide an energizing new avenue to explore movement for current members of our gym and community. The World Freerunning & Parkour Federation (WFPF) classes and their emphasis on safe and efficient movement are a natural complement to our existing Strength and Conditioning Programs, and we are excited to add their services to our offerings.

Parkour is the discipline of moving effectively and fluidly. You may have seen the art of parkour on TV, movies or the internet and thought that looks fun but CRAZY. Well, we’ve taken the movement of Parkour and integrated it in to a fun, safe and completely affective work out for people of all ages! Come and experience movement and fitness in a brand new way!

Reserve your spot here.

Carl Paoli’s Gymnastics Seminar (This Saturday!)

If you’re planning on attending get yourself signed up! We won’t be holding our regular group classes this weekend!

What: Spend eight quality hours at CrossFit Austin with Coach Carl Paoli by learning how to apply basic gymnastics, acrobatic and freestyle movement to your CrossFit training program. If you want to increase your agility, mobility, and the versatility in your CrossFit WODs, then this is the perfect seminar for you! This seminar is appropriate for athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts at any skill level. You’ll learn how to safely perform, coach and correct basic gymnastic movements in order to enhance your performance and reach your personal goals.

When: April 30th, 2011, 9:00am-5:30pm

Where: This seminar will be held at CrossFit Austin, 8708 South Congress, Suite A180 Austin, TX 78745

Sign up here ($280/person)

Back Flip in less than an hour from Carl Paoli on Vimeo.

Mark Sisson’s Primal Accelerated Success Seminar (PASS) is coming to CrossFit Austin!

Last few days to register! Register HERE


The Primal Accelerated Success Seminar (PASS) is an entertaining and interactive 7-hour course that will immerse you into Mark Sisson’s wildly popular Primal lifestyle movement and best-selling book, The Primal Blueprint. By the end of your PASS experience, you’ll have a clear understanding of the key Primal Blueprint concepts, and develop a specific plan of action to “get Primal” over the ensuing 30 days and beyond. The course material stands alone for those who are relatively unacquainted with Primal living, but reading the book in advance will enhance your seminar experience.

Location: CrossFit Austin, 8708 South Congress, Suite A180, Austin, TX 78745, (806) 679-7519

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time: 9am-4pm (Registration begins at 8:15am.)

Discounts: PASS fee is $149. Register here. Discounts for couples registering together ($20 off) and groups of 10+. Email for details.

Attendee Information: Special needs will be accommodated as best possible, email for details. Event day registration may be possible, email to inquire. Advanced certifications for fitness professionals will be offered later in 2011, with the pre-requisite of completing the PASS.

Important: Please bring ID to registration to verify ticket purchase. No ticket needed for entry. Upon registration you will receive your Participant Registration Kit.

Participant Registration Kit:

1. Success Binder: 140-page notebook with weekly action items and journal exercises to help focus your Primal goals over the ensuing 30 days.

2. How to Forage in the Modern World – Convenient 60-page guidebook with lists and strategies to shop and cook primally.

3. $20 Gift Certificate for Primal Blueprint products


Mark Sisson (bio): The founder of the Primal Blueprint movement and publisher of will conduct a limited number of PASS events for larger groups.

PASS Agenda:

Morning Session: Primal Blueprint Key Concepts. Detailed scientific explanation and practical discussion of the how’s and why’s of Primal living, and how they contrast sharply with Conventional Wisdom about diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits. Understanding the key concepts will help you build a solid foundation for your transition to a Primal lifestyle. Advanced Primal enthusiasts will appreciate how the discussion picks up where the book left off!

Break: A ten-minute morning break will be provided with beverages and snacks available.

Q&A: The delivery of the presentation material will be balanced with audience engagement at regular intervals. We want to make sure you “own” each of these concepts and have a complete understanding of how they apply to your health and fitness goals.

Lunch: Enjoy 45-minute of free time, and the opportunity to complete your first assignment of eating a Primal lunch!

Afternoon: Primal Accelerated Success Action Plan. Armed with the knowledge presented in the morning, you’ll develop a step-by-step action plan to transition to a Primal-lifestyle over the next 30 days. You’ll learn how to clean out your fridge and pantry and surround yourself with Primal foods. You’ll commit to a 14-day test period of Primal eating and evaluate the impact on your energy level, appetite, immune function, body composition, and overall sense of health and well being. You’ll learn how to restructure your workouts away from a chronic approach to model the Primal Blueprint Fitness principles. You’ll engage in a hands-on demonstration/fitness evaluation involving the Five Essential Movements – a simple, safe, total-body workout program for all fitness levels. You’ll develop a customized plan to optimize your sun exposure, sleep habits, and play time, and more!

Break: A ten-minute afternoon break will be provided with beverages and snacks available.

Small Group Discussion: Leverage the presentation material with additional brainstorming and insights from your new Primal buddies. Time to crystallize your goals and put pen to paper with specific commitments and To-Do List items.

Chad Vaughn’s Training Invitational

***New and improved with immediate video feedback AND video review during discussion segment!****

WHO: Open to anyone who has attended a small group, mini clinic, 1-Day seminar, or a 4 week class with Chad.

What: An elite weightlifting training environment that will include a 2 hour training session followed by 1 hour of video review of at least 1 snatch and 1 clean&jerk from each attendant, WITH recommended movements/program for each different athlete’s needs, AND round table discussion(depending on time) on training philosophy/methods, questions, snacks, etc. There will be technical pointers/critique throughout from Chad and staff. Chad will be included in the 8 total training spots along with potentially one other staff member, plus 2-3 other coaches to ensure more than sufficient attention. We will have a 1-day program available that will take us all through the snatch and then the clean & jerk at the same time, followed by an exercise specific to each attendant, if time. The price will be $125 per athlete for the day OR $95 for those currently enrolled in one of Chad’s 4 week classes.

When: Saturday, February 12th at 11:00am

Where: CrossFit Austin, 8708 South Congress Suite A 180, Austin, TX 78745

Why: “This was all motivated by many productive and successful training sessions that included questions, critiques, and observations from all involved. I have come to notice that the athletes that start as my students, and evolve into actual training partners benefit much more and much quicker than someone I simply just coach. Since I am coaching and training at the same time, the combination of words and first hand execution seems to be very powerful. As a bonus, I have started to feel like I not only coach better when I am lifting, but, lift better when I am coaching! So, it has become a vision of mine to open up this opportunity to more people and then expand on it. I want to create an environment that is filled with athletes that I have taught and trained with, and who have become skilled in teaching the methods that I use (not to mention bringing in other elite weightlifters when available!). This will further benefit anyone who wants to join us for a workout in a positive, electric environment! I very much look forward to throwing some weight around with anyone interested!”

-Chad Vaughn

*For additional information or pricing, contact Chad Vaughn @

CrossFit Games Training

Next Monday we will begin a training schedule for those of you that would like to compete in this year’s CrossFit Games Sectional Competition.  The sectionals by rules are required if you would like to compete on the CrossFit Austin Affiliate Team during the regional event. If you are interested in competing or being on the team please email me.  I will let you know what the plan is! Also if anyone is interested in supporting the eventual team, and competitors without competing please email me too, and I’ll let you know how you can help!

The Circle of Awesomeness Southern Do and Manly Mustache Contest!

Our first bonus prize contest is all about lookin good! The contest begins this week, and will end on the final Saturday (March 12th) of challenge.

For the Gentleman you have just under two months to do your best Tom Selleck impersonations. Although the mustache is the most revered of the facial hair arts,  beards, goatees, handlebars, fu manchus, or any other type of face fur will be accepted. The males in this contest will be judged on manliness and creativity.

For the ladies you also have  just under two month to devise, and construct the most epic southern do ever seen in South Austin.  The judging will take place on Saturday March 12th, and just like the gentleman you will be judged on creativity, and extravagance. Something that would make Dolly Parton proud!

Prizes: CFA Track Jacket, CFA T-Shirt of your choice, and a foam roller!

Free Saturday Intro Workout!


We are now offering Free Saturday Workouts once a month at 11 AM at our facility on S. Congress. The focus of these sessions will be fundamental movements, mobility, and an introductory workout for those interested in trying CrossFit. They are open to current, and prospective members. For current members they will not count against your monthly allotment of class sessions, and for prospective members they are 100% free. Mark your calendars if you’ve been waiting to try CrossFit:  Saturday, January 15th is your chance! Get more info and sign up here.

Circle of Awesomeness Challenge

CrossFit Austin is proud to announce a new challenge for you hard trainin, fine folks of CFA! The New Year is here and we are cranking it up to 11 (literally!) this year!  Being mean, lean, and clean in 2010 sufficed, but this year we’re laying down the gauntlet – we want you folks to be the epitome of CrossFit Austin. We want you to look good, feel good, and play good.  We want you to LIVE in “The Circle of Awesomeness”!  So I present to you “The 2011 Circle of Awesomeness Challenge”! Keep reading for the down and dirty…

The COA Challenge consists of 3 Primary Competitions over the course of 8 Weeks (January 12-March 14th)

  • A Fitness Challenge (Feel Good, Play Good)
  • A Nutritional/Body Transformation Challenge (Look Good, Feel Good)
  • And fun random weekly Challenges (Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good)

The Fitness Challenges (Feel Good, Play Good)

Challengers will test and retest in 5 different fitness categories:

  • Anaerobic Power
  • Anaerobic Endurance
  • Maximal Strength and Power
  • Relative Strength Endurance
  • Maximum Aerobic Output

Each category will be tested and retested in a multi-modal setting (think CrossFit), and in a single mode setting (think NFL combine sprint, lift, jump, etc).  Challengers will be scored on top performances and most improved in all tests.

Nutritional/Body Transformation Challenges (Look Good, Play Good)

Challengers will be tested, and retested on a body composition summation score, and nutritional accountability. Challengers will be scored for most improved in the body comp score, and best adherence to our nutritional guidelines.  Bonus points will awarded to the best male and female body comp scores.

Weekly Challenges (Look good, Feel Good, Play Good)

The Weekly Challenges will serve as bonus points for the 2 Primary Challenges, or  offer a bonus prize.  They will be announced at the first of the week, and may run through the day, week, month, or duration of the Challenge. The only thing we can divulge about the weekly challenges is they will make you look spicy, feel feisty, and play nicely!

What’s in it for you?

  • 1st Place – 40% of the cash prize pool (split between male, and female), 1 month free CFA unlimited group classes
  • 2nd Place – 20% of the cash prize pool (split between male, and female), 3 free individual skill specific training session with a CFA coach w/ supplementary individual programming
  • 3rd Place – 10% of the cash prize pool (split between male, and female), 1 free individual assessment w/ supplementary individual programming

*Bonus Prizes throughout the course of the challenge


3 ways to score
Initials Scores, Most improved, and Bonus Points

Primary points: Top performances on initial tests
For each test the challengers will be ranked according to performance, they will then receive a corresponding amount of points according to their rank amongst there fellow challengers. In the case of ties all challengers tied will receive the top possible points, and the first person below the tie will be given points according to his/her placement away from the top spot not score. example: There are 12 men competing in the challenge, first place in any test will receive 12 points, second place 11 points etc. David and Sleeves tied in the CFT w/ 795 lbs, they both receive 12 points for first place. Geno came in next with a 780 lbs he will receive 10 points for 3rd place. .

Primary Points: Most Improved
Challengers will be ranked for the most improvement by pounds, reps, or seconds. Points will be reward in the exact same manner as the system described above..

Bonus points: Accountability Challenge
Challengers will be awarded bonus points for their participation in the accountability challenge as outlined in the “accountability challenge section”.

Total Score
The final score will consist of adding primary points (initial tests)+primary points (Most improved)+Bonus Points.

New point totals will be tabulated, recorded, and posted (in the gym and comments) on Friday afternoons.
Women’s points will be based off of 14 challengers participating.
Men’s points will be based off of 12 challengers participating.

Schedule and Sign-up

The full schedule of primary challenges will be announced Monday, January 3rd but you will be able to make up any challenge you miss. $40 puts your hat in the COA ring, sign up here in MBO!

ReTest Schedule
2/26. Aerobic : 12:00 Row for max meters
3/2. Anaerobic : 30 Thrusters in 1 Minute for maximal weight
Anaerobic Power: 200 M sprint for time
Strength Endurence: Max kip pull-ups for reps
Power: 3 attempts at a maximum Vertical Jump
Strength Endurence: 5 Rounds of 5 Deadlifts, and Max Push-ups M: Handstand, W: Standard (score is reps achieved in the push-ups)
Strength and Power: 1 RM Clean
Anaerobic: Fran
3/11 or 3/12.
Aerobic: Fight Gone Bad
Strength: CrossFit Total

*If you can not make any of the above retest please contact us so we can arrange for you to make them up before hand.

Weekly Accountability Challenges for Bonus Points: (January 17th-March 5th)
As part of our upcoming Circle of Awesomeness Challenge, we will be holding you accountable for 10 different things each week. You will receive one point for each thing on the list. The list is as follows:

1. Consume NO grains (you will get 1 point for the week if you you go without grains-so, there is potential for 1 point each week)
2. Consume NO dairy (you will get 1 point for the week if you go without dairy-so, there is potential for 1 point each week) 
3. Consume NO sugar (you will get 1 point for the week if you go without sugar-so, there is potential for 1 point each week)
*Addendum we will be following the Whole 30 guidelines for the NO Sugar bonus point. 
From Whole9Life“Do not consume added sugar of any kind, real or artificial. No maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, Splenda, Equal, Nutrasweet, xylitol, stevia, etc. Read your labels, because companies sneak sugar into products in all kinds of ways.”

*This includes sweeteners in protein powders (sorry Geno), but does not include the natural fructose in fruit, and/or glucose in vegetables such as squash, sweet potatoes, and yams.

4. Consume NO alcohol (you will get 1 point for the week if you go without alcohol-so, there is potential for1 point each week) 
5. Sleep a minimum of 8 hours (you will get 1 point for the week if you accumulate 8 hours of sleep within each 24 hr. day-so, there is potential for 1 point each week) 
6. Complete your required weekly WODS per your contract (2x a wk=2 WODS, 3x a wk=3 WODS, unlimited=4 WODS-so, you have potential for 1 point each week)
7. Log in your exercise journal (you will get 1 point for the week if you log in your journal every day that you work out-so there is potential for 1 point each week)
8. Log in your food journal (you will get 1 point for the week if you log in your journal every day-so, there is potential for 1 point per week)
NOTE: The exercise and food journal can be combined or separate.  You can leave them at CFA or take them home, but they MUST be on the CFA bookshelf by 7:30pm on Mondays in order to get credit for the previous week’s logging.  The journals will be returned to the bookshelf on Tuesday morning,s so you can pick them up to continue logging.
9. Try a new recipe (you will receive 1 point for trying at least 1 new recipe a week-additional recipes do NOT give you extra points, but they will make your belly happy!) 
10. Stretch for 10 minutes per day or complete the daily mobility WOD @ (you will get 1 point for the week if you complete the required stretching every day-so, there is potential for 1 point each week)

***The maximum points you can receive for one week is 10 points***
***We will keep a running score on a board in the gym, so everyone can keep up with their points. Points will be tallied and recorded on Monday evenings for the previous week***

Austin Gorilla Run: Gorillas Gathering at CFA!!

Next Wednesday from 5-7:30 PM get ready to be welcomed to the Jungle!  The Gorillas from Austin Gorilla Run are going to be joining CFA for some good times, and Gorilla CrossFitting! Come out to get a 10% discount off our your Gorilla Run entry fee, and 10% off any CrossFit Austin intro class!

For more info on the Gorilla Run check  out there website HERE.

For direction to CrossFit Austin and more info click HERE.