WOD 6/27

A. 14:00 EMOM
Min 1 – 1 Front Box Squat  @ 50-60%
Min 2 – 3 Strict Pull-ups (add weight or bands as needed)
*Sets across for both exercises

B. 4 rounds
6 Overhead Squats @ 115 / 65 / 55 (scale to front squats if mobility is the issue)
8 Toes-to-Bar
12 Wall Balls @ 20lbs/10ft, 14lbs/9ft, 10lbs/8ft:
100m Sprint
*Time recorded

Scaling Guide:
– 5 – 10 Minutes.
– Scale Up: 135/85 and 30/20 Wall Ball


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WOD 6/26

A. Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 6 minutes getting 3 sets of L sits (or progression) on parallettes or rings.

B. 12:00 EMOM
Min 1 – 3 Jerk @ 80-90%
Min 2 – 5/leg DB Split Squats
*Sets across for both exercises

C. “Wolfbane“
For time.
Power Clean @ 135 / 95 / 55
Bar-facing burpee
*Time recorded

Scaling Guide:
– 5-12 minutes, about 3-6 minutes to finish the 12s.
–  Scale Up: 105/155lb bar.

Optional ‘Cash Out’:
3 Rounds
60s plank
30 cal row


WOD 6/24

A. Two Person Teams
9:00 AMRAP
18 burpees
12 clusters (aka squat clean thrusters) @ 95 / 65 / 45
*reps anyway you see fit
*rounds + reps recorded

Rest 11:00

6 Rounds
Strict pull ups @ 6 / 4 / 6 Ring Rows
or 3 bar muscle ups
12 Russian KBS @ 32K / 24K / 16K
200 M Run

*Alternate each full round, each teammate will complete 3 full rounds
*Time recorded


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WOD 6/23 – Women’s WOD + WINE || Men’s Mary Moore + Moontower

A. 14:00 EMOM
Min 1 – 2 Jerk @ 80-90%
Min 2 – 4/leg DB Split Squats

*Sets across for both exercises

B. “Baseline”
500m row
40 air squats
30 abmat sit-ups
20 push-ups
10 kipping pull-ups

Scaling Guide:
–  4 – 8 minutes.
– Scale Up: 2 rounds (record only the first round)

Optional ‘Cash Out’:
3 Rounds
15 Russian KBS
200m run


7:00 PM tonight! Ladies, join Coach Gen at CrossFit Austin for Women’s WOD + WINE! Dudes, head to Mary Moore with Coach Tim for some strong man action and then over to Moontower for a beer! 
Details: Women || Men

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Yoga at CrossFit Austin!

Happy Thursday CFA! We are excited to announce a new pilot program to the menu! In our efforts to continuously provide opportunities for growth, we’re beginning a trial course for Yoga at CFA. Two familiar faces will be leading you in this trial course! In the mornings we’ll rise and shine with Vy Mai and we’ll close out the evenings and weekends with Taylor Grande!
What’s the scoop?
We are doing a trial run to see if these yoga classes will become a permanent fixture on our schedule. Through the trial period, these courses will be offered for free. If there is enough interest and consistency in attendance we will continue the classes after the trial period is up as an add-on to your memberships. It will not be wrapped into your regular memberships, but a yoga pass will be an option you may choose to purchase as an add-on service.
When and where?
Thursday mornings at 5:30 am with Vy
Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm with Taylor
Saturday mornings at 11:00 am with Taylor
*Classes will run from July 6th – July 28th and will be held in the front office of CrossFit Austin
There are no pre-requisites to these classes, however, you must provide your own yoga mat. If you do have blocks or straps please feel free to bring those as well!
Feel free to message Gen with any questions! gen@crossfitaustin.com
About Vy:
Vy’s been at CFA since her sophomore year of college, so about 4 years now! She was first exposed to yoga while studying at St. Edward’s where she soon began to develop a regular practice. After graduation, she studied with the local donation based studio Black Swan Yoga where she earned her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification dedicated to the study of Hatha Vinyasa yoga, meditation, anatomy, history and philosophy of yoga. She has experienced the positive effects yoga and is excited to share this with the rest of the CFA community.
A message from Vy:
I’m just a girl who really loves yoga and I can’t wait to share this awesome practice with you guys! I personally, normally take fairly active yoga classes and like to always be challenged with new and more advanced poses. I aim to offer classes that facilitate growth, both physically and mentally, but also provide a space for self-care and simply an enjoyable time. I like to give hands-on assists and adjustments, when desired, to help students get deeper into the poses and learn proper alignment to avoid injuries. I’m so excited!


About Taylor: Fitness and athletic performance have always been a big part of Taylor’s life. She has been everything from a highly competitive track athlete, a national and international competitive cheerleader, competitive dancer, and gymnast. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Texas State University and an AFFA group exercise certification for yoga, Pilates, cycling, as well as circuit training.  Taylor has taught at Texas State University and at Pure Austin Fitness. Her favorite styles of yoga to teach are Vinyasa flow and Power Yoga.

A message from Taylor: Throughout my diverse background in athletics, one thing that was very essential to each sport was practice. You had to practice to get better, faster, stronger or to learn a new skill. My current practice is yoga. What’s beautiful about the practice of yoga is that you constantly evolve, with each pose leading to the next. You get to work on yourself from the inside-out! While being able to do handstands, head stands and funky balances is cool, yoga is about much more than what you can do on the mat. By practicing yoga you are finding inner peace and acceptance for the wonderful person you are by clearing any judgment or imperfections you hold on to. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing those that I teach, find that inner peace through their practice.



WOD 6/22

A. Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 10-15  minutes on kipping drills focused on kipping pull ups and/or bar muscle ups.

B.5 rounds for time (Scale: 4 rounds)
Muscle-ups @ 4 / 2/ 8 jumping chest to bar pull ups + 8 ring push ups
12 thrusters @ 115 / 75 / 20 lb DBs
12 Left /12 Right single arm KBS @ 24K / 16K / 12K
12 BB clean & jerk (same)
1:00 rest
*time recorded
*30 minute time cap

Scaling Guide:
– 20 – 30 min, about 5 min per round including rest.
– Scale Up:
8/4 muscle ups and 135/85lb barbell

Optional ‘Cash Out’:
4 Rounds
8 toes to bar
30 double unders

WOD 6/21

A. In 20:00 find a 1 RM Front Squat
*Strength cycle pretest
*Heaviest weight recorded

B. For time.
15 back squats @ 155 / 105 / 65
20 bumper plate burpees @ 45 / 25 / 15
800m run or 1.5 mile Assault Bike
*time recorded

Scaling Guide:
– 6 – 10 minutes.
– Scale Up:
185/125lb barbell
burpee pull overs instead of bumper plate burpees to 8’/7′ bar.

Optional ‘Cash Out’:
Murph Training:
2  Round
400m run @ 85-90% effort (fast but not an all out sprint)
Rest 1:00


2  Round
800m run @ 85-90% effort (fast but not an all out sprint)
Rest 1:00

WOD 6/20

A. 16:00 EMOM
Min 1 – 1 Jerk @ 80-90%
Min 2 – 4/leg DB Split Squats
*Sets across for both exercises

B. For time. Health: 6 rounds, Athletic: 8 rounds, Performance*:
10 rounds (Scale; 6 – 8 rounds)
7 Burpees
7 Knees To Elbows
*15:00 Cap
*Time recorded

Scaling Guide:
–  7-11 minutes,
– about 50s per round.

Optional ‘Cash Out’:
3 Rounds
100m farmer carry,
10 Push-ups
15 wall ball

Murph Day is coming up! Get all the details HERE

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WOD 6/19

A. Skill Practice Warm Up:
5:00 EMOM
3/ Leg BB SLDL
*increase weight each minute

B. 10:00 EMOM
Min 1 – 3 DL
Min 2 – 3 Strict Pull-ups (add weight as needed)
*Build each set, goal is to work to a heavy challenging weight but does not have to be a max
*DL weight recorded

C. 4 Rounds
400 M Run
2:00 Rest  
*all times recorded, goal is consistency
*Scale: 3 rounds or 200 M runs

Scaling Guide:
– 1:15-2:00 per round, not including the rest.

Optional ‘Cash Out’:
3 Rounds
12 suitcase lunge steps
12 single arm db/kb presses
20 cal row

WOD 6/17

Half Murph

800 M Run
10 Rounds
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
800 M Run


800 M Run
25 Rounds
2 Pull-ups
4 Push-ups
6 Squats
800 M Run

*If you plan on doing Murph as a team you split today’s work up with a teammate

Athlete Registration is still open! Murph Day is coming up quick!


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