WOD 9/27

A. Relay Race
800 M Run
30 Power Snatch @ 75/45
30 Burpees
*4 person teams each athlete completes the entire workout before the next athlete starts
*Total team time recorded

Tuesday 9/30 is Progenex Day! Come see Ike and stock up on the goods!

September Progenex Day @ CFA

Progenex Day @ CFA!

Tuesday, September 30

Whether you need that extra surge of energy from FORCE, overcome fatigue and restore performance with RECOVERY, get deep, restorative and reparative sleep from Cocoon, or lift more, build more and burn more with MORE MUSCLE, CFA has all your PROGENEX needs covered!

Our Progenex Representative Ike will be on site with tons of products and give-aways!  Have all your supplement questions answered and sample some goods. We will have all your favorite products and flavors available for sale starting at 5:30 am!

progenex collage

It’s been a hell of a ride…

As of today, I am stepping down from my role with CrossFit Austin and CrossFit Valor. I’ve come to the point with my growing family and the demands of my other full time job, that I can’t devote the time necessary to be at the head of this ship any more, and I want to make sure that the next generation of lil’ Putneys don’t get the short end of the stick. Knowing that I leave what we’ve built in the more than capable hands of Wes, my partner in crime of many years, and the extremely talented management and coaching staff we’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by helps me sleep well at night.

It is unbelievably hard for me to step back. There is no way to fit into words what all of the last 5+ years have meant to me. Getting to know each and every one of you and being able to work side-by-side with you has been priceless. Watching people turn their lives around, get back into shape, get into shape for the first time, relationships blooming, babies being born, competitors being born… it’s made every day of the last few years more rewarding and humbling than I could ever convey.

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. The family and I will still be working out and hanging out at both gyms, and we look forward to being a part of the continued growth of this awesome community, but if you do have any questions/comments/concerns in the future, SEND THEM TO SOMEONE ELSE!!! I’m just here to sweat 🙂 Really, thanks for everything!

With much love,
Boone and the entire Putney Family


Circle of Awesomeness BBQ Potluck & Awards Ceremony


Saturday, March 8th at 11:00 am- BBQ Potluck & Awards Ceremony

What you can win:

  • 1st Place Male & Female per division (6 total): $100 cash prize + 1 month of FREE group class membership
  • Most Improved Male and Female Fitness Performances (2 total): Reebok Nano or Oly shoes of choice
  • Top Male and Female Fitness Performances per division (6 total): Complimentary entry into this year’s CrossFit Open + Free CFA T-Shirt
  • 100% Accountable: CrossFit Austin T-Shirt

FREE Community Workout


The focus of these sessions will be to introduce our neighbors to CrossFit movements, mobility, and CrossFit workouts. Sessions will be an hour long, challenging, and fun! Come sweat with your neighbors and see what CrossFit is all about!


The Push-Up Man & Woman of 2013!

Danny Stacey

If you missed the CFA Holiday/5th Anniversary Party, you might not have heard about our 2013 Push-Up Man and Push-Up Woman of the Year!

The Push-up Man and Woman of the Year exemplify everything that we love about our athletes, our community, and the human spirit. Not only do these people walk through the doors of CFA day in and day out, and work hard to improve themselves; they go out of their way to lift up everyone around them. They make their friends and families a priority over themselves. They lead and encourage by words, actions, and example. They represent the burning spirit of what makes our little South Austin gym unique and special. We at CrossFit Austin can humbly bestow no greater honor and we give our utmost heartfelt thanks that you both have chosen to make our gym, business, family, and lives a better place!



The Push-Up Woman Of The Year: Stacey MagnesioState your Name and/or Nickname please:
Stacey Mag

Words to live by?
Attitude is everything!

What is your fitness background?
I played everything under the sun growing up- soccer, swimming, basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, ran track, underwater basket weaving (kidding on the last one). I owe my parents a lot for carting me around from game to game!

How long have you been CrossFitting?
My 5 year anniversary is this January:)

What’s your favorite part of CrossFit Austin?
The people of course! The community at CFA is amazing! Thank you CFA-ers for making our gym a fun place to work our butts off!

What are your training goals?
Stay healthy, eat good, and look good naked… I mean, work hard. Did I say that out loud? I also will continue to train for competitions and compete for our team in the Open and at Regionals:)

Favorite sport or activity?
CrossFit obviously, but I still play a mean game of pick up soccer at recess everyday;)

Recent adventure you’re planning?
No plans yet, but I do have all summer to play, so if anyone wants to go to the beach…

Tell us something we don’t know about you…
I set up my Christmas tree before Thanksgiving this year

Longhorns or Aggies?
Bobcat! Texas State! Eat em’ up cats!

How do you plan to use your new-found fame and honor as Push-Up Man of the Year?
Obviously I am a teacher, so naturally I love to help/teach people. So if anyone needs help with a movement or lift, just ask:) I’m also a pretty good cheerleader, so I will continue to cheer everyone on as they reach new fitness goals this year.

Leave the fine folks of CrossFit Austin with some parting words…
Keep working hard and share your awesomeness daily!!!




The Push-Up Man Of The Year: Danny Gomez
State your Name and/or Nickname please: 
Danny Gomez
Words to live by?
It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and leave no doubt ~ Mark Twain
As far as fitness is concerned, Miguel Garza once told me to “make sure you get to enjoy the process, fitness is a life long journey”  That really changed my entire outlook on training.

What is your fitness background?

I was an active overweight kid growing up that played any and everything I could.  In High School I primarily played Football, shortly after I realized I wasn’t big enough, strong enough, or athletic enough, but I was awkwardly fearless… so I started playing rugby instead, I played for a few years and then NOTHING.
My first day at CFA I had to stop once or twice on the 400m warm up lap because I got a stitch in my side.
How long have you been CrossFitting?
I joined CrossFit Austin in May of 2011

What’s your favorite part of CrossFit Austin? 
Honestly my favorite part of CFA is the members!  Not just my friends, but every single person that walks through those bay doors!  I love that there is such diversity within the community yet we ALL come in each day, bust our asses side by side, and get it done.  It’s a beautiful thing.

What are your training goals?
My goals are pretty simple… Get stronger, faster, and have as much fun as possible doing it.

Favorite sport or activity?
I love being outdoors…Hunting, fishing, whatever!  I also <3 exercise

Recent adventure you’re planning?
No adventures planned in the immediate future, so I will probably spend most of my time in the gym with all of my SouthSide Athletics peeps getting strong and planning our world dominance.
Tell us something we don’t know about you…
I’ve been a competitive Archer since I was 14 years old and have had some success at the State and National level with that.  I also have a thing for cat t-shirts!Longhorns or Aggies?
Both, I love rivalries and competitiveness!

How do you plan to use your new-found fame and honor as Push-Up Man of the Year?
I’m still not sure they even gave this thing to the right guy!?

Leave the fine folks of CrossFit Austin with some parting words…
I joke a lot and rarely take things seriously, but I am truly honored each day to train with all of you!  We’re a community built around the simple principle of Awesomeness… When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.  This award is just as much yours as it is mine!

5th Annual CFA Awards

Today we recognize and congratulate the recipients of last week’s 5th Annual CFA Awards! 



The Golden Shoe Award – Nick Schittone
The 2×4 Award – Gil Garza
The Blood Award – Linzi Newth
The Sweat Award – Bradley Anderson
The Cheers Award – Sean Beal
The Earmuffs Award – Velvet Pressley
The Iron Man Award – Kevin Jenkins
The Life of the Party Award – Kelly Jackson
The Glass Half Full Award – Humberto Marquez
The Welcoming Committee – Leah Alter
“I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite” Award – Sarah Kyle
The Odd Couple Award – Greg Peppin & Alex Gold

Congratulations, guys! Y’all are AWESOME!
*Athletes, swing by the front desk to claim your prize!