2013 Turkey Trot

turkey trotWelcome to the 23rd Annual ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot. This Thanksgiving Day (November 28th) family fun run includes a 5-mile run, a 1-mile walk and the Stepping Stone School Kids K. The event will be at The Long Center. There will be live music provided by Mighty Mountain, trophies for participants and prizes for the children. The grand prize for our raffle this year will be a 2014 Honda Accord donated by First Texas Honda along with two bike packages from Mellow Johnny’s. All proceeds go to Caritas of Austin. Since the inception of our event in 1991, ThunderCloud Subs has given more than $1.8 million to Caritas!


Let’s get out there and have some fun, CFA!

WOD 10/14

Performance – Week 7 of 8 Conditioning
In 10:00 Work to a heavy 2 in the Hang Clean
*Weight Recorded
3 Rounds
Shuttle Run (5-10-5)
30 KBS @  24K, 16K
15 Pull-ups
*Time Recorded
3 Rounds
:60 Hollow Hold
10 Horizontal Pull-ups/Ring Rows

Foundations (Test)

A. Clean x2x6
B. Step ups x8/ea legx3
C. Mile Run (Test)

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands — your own.”–Mark Victor Hansen

Wes coaching

Foundations – AM
Emily 7:40
Melanie 8:39
Adrian 8:50
Tom 8:59
Performance – AM
Ian 175 5:57
Jim 115 9:57
Jonathan 145 9:05
Shelby 110 7:52
Ryan 155 8:08
Carlos 105 7:59
Sissy 70 6:04
Red 70 7:51
2 Chains 145 6:21
Ed 135 7:50
Sarah 70 7:06
Jose 125 7:21
Jessie 70 6:05
Dayna 135 6:47
Roland 110 7:55 (2)
Michele 95 6:53
Ray 185 7:24
Performance – Noon
Kristi 105 9:21
Sean 180 11:30
Dixie 105 13:15
Tanner 175 10:36
Mer 95 8:20
Coco 80 9:30
Foundations – PM
Lauren 7:44
Daniela 10:14
Courtney 8:37
Paige 13:38
Performance – PM
Taylor 100 8:11
Carolyn 65 9:31
Mercy 80 6:28
Gil 105 4:38
Sean 105 8:56
Melissa 50 5:21
Jerry 125 9:12
Keith 155 9:21
Kristin 75 8:50
Ryan 155 8:07
Nicole 110 7:07
Velvet 80 7:55
Jillian 95 8:51
Kline 145 6:26
Wilson 145 7:32
Liz 45 8:20
Denise 55 7:48
Mayela 100 9:55
Missy 85 9:60
Morgan 90 8:51
Jessica 60 8:30

WOD 10/12

All Levels
3 Rounds
30 Wall Balls @ 20 lb, 16 lb
30 CTB Pull-ups
30 Step-ups @ 20”, 16” (Total)
30 DB Snatches @ 55 lb, 35 lb (Total)
*2-3 person Teams work one person at a time, split reps
*Total time recorded

All Levels – AM
Team Neon 13:45
KIBC 15:06
Champagne Bubbles 14:39
Threesome 13:14
Ganesh & Courtney 20:34
Kayleen & Kristi 16:32
Team Wilson 19:25
Team Chandler 17:46
Kline & Sean 15:33
ERod & Jessica 21:06
Jackie & Aubrey 18:43

WOD 10/11

All Levels
10 Rounds for Quality
3 DB Walking Lunges/Leg (Heavy)
3 DB Push Press
5 Rounds
10 Goblet Squats @ 24K, 16K
10 Push-ups
10 KBS @ 24K, 16K
10 Ring Rows
*Times Recorded
3 Rounds
:60 Weight Front Plank
:60 Rest

Chad AO

Chad Vaughn throwing down at this year’s Athlete Open!

All Levels  -AM
Gage 11:18
Mitch 10:29
Jillian 8:51
Ivan 8:59
Lee 12:25
Sissy 11:37
Jeff 8:25
Maureen 12:18
Courtney 10:44
Red 11:48
2 Chains 8:20
Velvet 7:55
Tow Matt 11:00
MegO 12:40
Jose 12:07
Silas 12:26
Meridith 9:13
Morgan 11:06
Vegas 11:04
Coco 12:48
Missy 11:20
KJ 10:52
Jassin 13:10
Andre 10:00
Mer 10:06
Andy 11:54
All Levels – Noon
Gil 6:33
Brian 10:52
Derrick 7:10
Erin 10:46
Loly 12:29
Ilka 12:09
Avtar 10:30

Core Value Number 3 – Excellence

After a brief hiatus due to the Athlete Open we are back to making our way through the CFA core values. For those of you that missed my original article on CrossFit Austin’s Mission and Core Values take a few minutes to read through it for context on today’s article.  Just to review, here are the CrossFit Austin mission statement and core values:

CrossFit Austin: The Catalyst for Personal Evolution

Today’s concept is simple, commit to excellence and strive to always be better.

Excellence is about never settling. Never settling for good enough, not being content with average, always looking for avenues to learn more, and work harder.

Excellence is about commitment. Commitment to always reaching a little higher, learn a little more, push a little further, and work a little harder. Doing what others won’t. Perfecting the little things.

Excellence is putting your absolute best effort in whatever you are doing. Whether you’re training, coaching, or just walking the dog.  100% effort is all we can ever ask of ourselves, and is always what’s expected.

Ultimately we want everyone at CFA to be the best version of themselves everyday. To find their perceived weaknesses, the things that make them uncomfortable, and have the courage to fight through them to achieve excellence in all they do.

-Coach Wes

Lifting the Bar for Dell Children’s Medical Center

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 12.45.54 PM

Our friends at Central Texas Speedway and CrossFit Kyle are partnering together to host an event on October 12th to help provide media equipment for Dell Children’s Child Life Department. The Child Life Department is staffed by professionally trained individuals who help to reduce the stress and anxiety that children and their families may encounter as a result of illness, injury and hospitalization.  The program aims to create a more positive experience for all through the use of things like therapeutic play, interactive videos, educational videos, expressive therapy and more. Members of the child life staff work closely with the entire health care team on every inpatient unit from trauma to cancer to provide the highest quality care for children of all ages.

Register or Donate here! 


WOD 10/10

Performance – Week 6 of 8 Conditioning
A. Snatch x2x5 @ 70-80% Rest :90
B. Front Squat x2-3×3 Rest 3:00
*Work to a max but technically sound weight
C1. Deadlift x3x3 @ by feel Rest :30
*all 3 sets at a challenging weight
C2. WTD Dips x3x3 Rest  3:00

Foundations (Test)
Handstand Push ups

12 min AMRAP
6 KB/DB Push press
6 KB/DB Lunge100m Side Shuffle (50m R/ 50m L)

Front Plank

“Success isn’t overnight. It’s when everyday you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.” – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Michael Sanchez

Foundations – AM
Chad 5
Victor 7 +12
Daniel 6
Kai 4 + 12
Bryan 6
Corn Dog 6 + 12
Performance – AM
Big Spoon
Tow Matt
Ladies Class
Foundations – Noon
Brandon 6 + 12
Meridith 6 + 12
Foundations – PM
Max 8 + 8
Courtney 5 + 6
Performance – PM

October’s Athlete of the Month: Jose Gonzalez

State your Name and/or Nickname please:
Jose Gonzalez. No nickname yet, but hopefully I’ll work my way up to one.

Words to live by?
“With great power, comes great responsibility” and ” It is in our darkest moments that we must focus on the light”

What is your fitness background?
Well I never had a fitness background. I was overweight most of my life, and if I was in a sport I was usually the backup or benchwarmer.

How long have you been CrossFitting?
It has been 7 months.

What’s your favorite part of CrossFit Austin?
It’s the community! The people and coaches are awesome! It’s nice to be a part of a community that’s very supportive and encouraging. The tips I receive to improve my movements are always appreciated, and I feel like I might not have made these improvements without that help.

What are your training goals?
For now I want to try to make it back to 150lbs, but I’m in no rush. I’m OK where I’m at, but it doesn’t hurt to get stronger and lift heavier.

Favorite sport or activity?
Does guitar hero count as a sport? Ha! I like to listen to music, reading comics (yeah, I’m a nerd), or just going out for a run.

Recent adventure you’re planning?
The next big thing I have planned is a trip to Philadelphia after graduation next May, so I can get a tattoo!

Tell us something we don’t know about you…
Well I used to be overweight, I was up to 400lbs. I actually never thought I would loose that weight, and never thought I would be where I’m at now. Luckily I had a friend who gave me awesome diet tips, and a handful of workouts to do, and as time passed I lost up to 200lbs, and I’m still in shock that I did that. I never gave up on what I wanted, and never will.

Longhorns or Aggies?
Neither. I’m not a fan of college football, but if I had to have a team it would be Notre Dame because of the Rudy movie.

Jose, you started coming to CFA shortly after your friend Ed started with us. Tell us what it’s like to CrossFit with your friend and how competitive do y’all get?
It was fun! It had been a while since I hung out with him, and it was cool catching back up with him. Ah men, there was competition between us, and there seemed to be an unspoken agreement of bragging rights on the line, but it might have just been me. He was the guy that I tried to catch up to or do better than. It was helpful because now I have that drive to push myself, and if I ever go to a 530am workout (or if he shows up) I wanna see if I’ve caught up to him, or what I gotta work up to.

Leave the fine folks of CrossFit Austin with some parting words…
Never give up. No matter how things may seem, we can all overcome any odds. It’s just gonna take that extra push for us to get there, but it’s possible.



WOD 10/9

Performance Week 6 of 8 Conditioning
10:00 EMOM
3 Clean to Thruster
10-1 CTB Pull-ups
10 Round
250 M Row
Rest 1:00
*Avg. Split recorded, Goal below 1:00
20 Strict Toes to Bar

Jump Progression

A. Deadlift  x3x4

3 Rounds
10 MB Sit up
10 UB Deadlift
20 Single Jump Rope

B. Core
TGU x4/4×3 (Hip Bridge Only)

“Success isn’t always about ‘Greatness’, it’s about consistency. Consistent, hard work gains success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

b4b leigh

Congratulations to Leigh LeGare! She finished 2nd in this weekend’s Barbells 4 Boobs!

Foundations – AM
Logan 3:45
Adrian 5:01
Josh 4:15
Emily 4:40
Melanie 3:51
Gilbert 3:52
Lyon Cub 3:43
Jannica 4:29
Corn Dog 4:22
Mayela 4:02
Performance – AM
Jillian 0:59
MegO 1:05 (8)
Tineke 1:00
Red 1:05
Brian 0:56
Ruhlin 0:57
Kristi 1:03
Mitch 0:48
Lee 0:55
Sissy 1:15
Dayna 0:57
Sarah 1:03
Jose 0:55
Tow Matt 0:54
Performance – Noon
Josie 1:11
Avtar 0:60
Foundations – PM
Rachael 4:51
Daniela 6:25
April 6:26
Jenna 6:27
Paige 4:16
Max 4:25
Jess 4:45
Performance – PM
Ganesh 0:54
Taylor 1:05
Gabriel 1:04
Ian 0:47
Keith 0:57
Coco 1:09
ERod 1:11
Madison 1:06
Nicole 1:05
Morgan 1:03
Rahul 0:59

Airrosti Shoulder Strength Skillz Class

 Airrosti Shoulder Strength Skillz Class
Dr. Kurt Edeker will be here Saturday, November 9 at 11:00AM  to discuss proper shoulder mechanics and their daily use in functional lifts.  Join us to learn corrective/preventative techniques to keep you mobile and pain free while learning how to increase range of motion, strength and even gain bigger PR’s!
* Skillz Classes are group classes, they do not cost extra.