September Athlete of the Month Chaz Darling

In an effort to get to know the fine folks of CrossFit Austin, we embark on our Athlete of the Month series.  Each month we will spotlight a different CFA athlete.  This month we have the newly crowned most improved Mohican Chazzy D…

State your Name and/or Nickname please.
Charles Douglas Darling a.k.a. Chaz, Chazzy D, Chuck D, Jazzy Chazzy, Chazmanian Devil, Chester, T-Rex (seriously), etc.

Medical Education Technician – Running the logistics for the medical education department of an orthopedic extremities company.  Also train and educate orthopedic surgeons on our products.

Words to live by?
Decide what you want.  Decide what you’re willing to give up to get it – Mom

What is your fitness background?
Limited.  When I was a kid, I played a lot of basketball, then got fat and moved on to football for 1.5 years in the 7th grade.  I hit a lull  in fitness until I decided to wrestle one year in high school.  I got to college and found my competitive/active edge and played racquetball, soccer, basketball, swimming, and became a gym rat.

How long have you been CrossFitting?
March 15th, 2010 so about five and a half months

What’s your favorite part of CrossFit?
The epic mind vs. body war that happens every day during a workout.  The body pleads with the mind to stop while the mind screams at the body to keep going.  I wish I could say my mind wins every time but it doesn’t.  I leave crossfit everyday feeling great, but on the days when my mind tells my body what’s what and pushes through the negative signals, its a huge burst of confidence and gives you a swagger walking out.  I love it.

What are your training goals?
Goal 1: qualify for regionals
Goal 2: qualify for the CrossFit Games

Favorite sport or activity?
Besides crossfit, its anything around water, soccer, and football

Recent adventure you’re planning?
Quantas airways will sometimes have random 4 day trips to Sydney or Melbourne at a REALLY cheap price.  They had one a month or two ago and I missed it….I’m not going to let that happen again.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?
I’ve been to Antarctica.

Longhorns or Aggies?
Horns baby!

Does your lack of a mustache hinder your performance in your chosen profession?
Since I deal with a lot of cadavers in my profession, I would say no.  A mustache would act like an odor sponge and that would not rock.

Leave the fine folks of CrossFit Austin with some parting words?
Do something everyday that makes you a better person than the day before.  Even if its something small, like reading, trying something new, or working out.  It will add up.

Free Olympic Weightlifting Sessions!

Chad is heading to the World Championships of Weightlifting at the end of this month in Antalya, Turkey.  So in liu of his normal class we will be offering FREE 1 hour weightlifting classes on Wednesdays for the next two weeks!

Here’s the low down:

Wednesday 9/8
2:00 PM Free Class
6:30 PM Free Class

Wednesday 9/15
2:00 PM Free Class
6:30 PM Free Class

If you’ve been thinking about joining Chad’s Oly Class this is your chance to give a shot!

As a bonus Chad will be in the peak of his training (ie tossing around some heavy, heavy weights), so if you’d like to stick around and watching him train (appx. 3:30-5:30 PM) you’re more than welcome too.

*If you are there to watch please be courteous to our regular CrossFit classes that will be running simultaneously from 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Limited Spots Available SIGN UP HERE

Free Saturday Intro Class


We are now offering Free Saturday Workouts once a month at 11 AM at our facility on S. Congress. The focus of these sessions will be fundamental movements, mobility, and an introductory workout for those interested in trying CrossFit. They are open to current, and prospective members. For current members they will not count against your monthly allotment of class sessions, and for prospective members they are 100% free. Mark your calendars if you’ve been waiting to try CrossFit:  Saturday, September 18th is your chance! Get more info and sign up here.

The OlyAthlete Open

“Weightliftin and a WOD” is proud to announce their inaugural event on Saturday August 28th: “The OlyAthlete Open”. Our goal is to prepare athletes in the South Central Region for the USAW CrossFit event in Colorado Springs on October 1-3.  We also would like to give local athletes who have never participated in an official Weightlifting meet, the opportunity to do so.

“The What?”
The competition will feature the Snatch, the Clean & Jerk, and a CrossFit-Style WOD called  “The AMRAP”.

Official USAW rules will be applied to the judging, and format of the Weightlifting Competition.  Including an official weigh-in, and technical rules. This is not a USAW sanctioned meet, so official result will not be submitted to USAW.

The CrossFit-Style portion of the event will be announced the Monday preceding the competition. Competitive standards will be applied. Click here for a detailed description of the event.

“How to get in”
Individual entry $25
Team entry $35
*Teams will be comprised of 3 males and 2 Females, multiple team from one box are allowed
*Athletes competing on teams must register as individuals, and one team captain must register the team
*This event is limited to 40 Participants

Individual Registration (Reserve Spot & Pay)
Team Registration (Reserve Spot & Pay)

“The Winners”

  • Best Male and Female lifter
  • Best Male and Female CrossFitter
  • Top Team Overall
  • Best Male and Female Overall

“Where and When”
Saturday August 28, 2010
CrossFit Austin (Click here for Map and Directions)
South Austin, TX

Gymnastics Clinic with Walker!

“Fran got you down? Learn the science behind the kipping pull up and the tips and tricks to take it to the next level. Diane got you upside down? Get comfortable getting inverted and learn the progressions for a handstands and handstand push ups. Through drills and practice you will receive individual attention to help perfect your technique to show those Girls whose is boss!”

Clinic Cover:
– Body position
– Free Standing handstand progressions
– Handstand push up progressions
– Kip techniques
– Strength progressions for the Pull-up
– Plus More!

Sign up here!

Free Workout!


We are now offering Free Saturday Workouts twice a month at 11 AM at our facility on S. Congress. The focus of these sessions will be fundamental movements, mobility, and an introductory workout for those interested in trying CrossFit. They are open to current, and prospective members. For current members they will not count against your monthly allotment of class sessions, and for prospective members they are 100% free. Mark your calendars if you’ve been waiting to try CrossFit July 31st is your chance! Get more info and sign up here.

CFA Work Day

Help us improve the gym… did I mention free food and booze?

It’s been a while since our last work party where we ripped up and replaced the flooring.  This time around things should be much easier.  Improvements will include organization of the front area, painting, building shelves, etc.

Come lend a hand or just hang out and have a good time.  Work will begin around 11am, following the Saturday team WOD.

2nd Annual “Murph Day”

CrossFit Austin, and CrossFt Dallas Central are proud to present “Murph Day 2010”
Saturday July 3rd, 2010

Make your donation HERE or pick up a donation form at the gym. 
Register for your time slot HERE.

Special thanks to Windy City CrossFit

Lieutenant Michael Murphy’s Medal of Honor Citation:

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as the leader of a special reconnaissance element with Naval Special Warfare Task Unit Afghanistan on 27 and 28 June 2005. While leading a mission to locate a high-level anti-coalition militia leader, Lieutenant Murphy demonstrated extraordinary heroism in the face of grave danger in the vicinity of Asadabad, Konar Province, Afghanistan. On 28 June 2005, operating in an extremely rugged enemy-controlled area, Lieutenant Murphy’s team was discovered by anti-coalition militia sympathizers, who revealed their position to Taliban fighters. As a result, between 30 and 40 enemy fighters besieged his four-member team. Demonstrating exceptional resolve, Lieutenant Murphy valiantly led his men in engaging the large enemy force. The ensuing fierce firefight resulted in numerous enemy casualties, as well as the wounding of all four members of the team. Ignoring his own wounds and demonstrating exceptional composure, Lieutenant Murphy continued to lead and encourage his men. When the primary communicator fell mortally wounded, Lieutenant Murphy repeatedly attempted to call for assistance for his beleaguered teammates. Realizing the impossibility of communicating in the extreme terrain, and in the face of almost certain death, he fought his way into open terrain to gain a better position to transmit a call. This deliberate, heroic act deprived him of cover, exposing him to direct enemy fire. Finally achieving contact with his headquarters, Lieutenant Murphy maintained his exposed position while he provided his location and requested immediate support for his team. In his final act of bravery, he continued to engage the enemy until he was mortally wounded, gallantly giving his life for his country and for the cause of freedom. By his selfless leadership, courageous actions, and extraordinary devotion to duty, Lieutenant Murphy reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

Ladies Night!

CFA Ladies Night

The women of CrossFit Austin

A monthly girls-only gathering.  Feel free to bring a favorite paleo treat to share (but not required).

First Monday of every month, 7:30pm

TBD (10/4:
Red Table Coffee at 6000 S. Congress Suite 106)


CFA Ladies Night is an opportunity to get to know your fellow females in the gym. From barbells to boys, no topic is off limits! We will share goals, discuss challenges, develop accountability, offer resources, and celebrate accomplishments. Join us to be inspired and stay motivated!

Sport Performance Program Session 2 (7/5-7/29)

CrossFit Austin will be hosting an Off Season Strength and Conditioning Program starting Monday, June 6th.  Monday’s, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 10:30 AM .   The program will be individualized to meet each attending athletes needs, and performed in a group enviroment to maximize results. The program is designed to enhance strength, power, vertical jump, speed, and mental capacity. The program will be split into three 4 Week sessions with space limited in each session.  Athletes can attend the entire program, or single sessions.

Session 1 6/6-7/1
Session 2 7/5-7/29
Session 3 8/2-8/26


for more info contact

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